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This year there are 11 seniors in the PTA Group. In many instances I have seen them grow up on stage over the years because I have seen them in numerous productions in the past and worked with a lot of them since my first show with the PTA in 2011 The Music Man. I am not sure how many of them plan to do Suessical but this will certainly be an emotional experience for me just as much as it will be for them. I should also mention that this is going to be my last year with the PTA because since I moved to Nashua I have found transportation back and forth to rehearsals to be kind of challenging and feel it only makes sense to focus on doing shows in Nashua. What will make this show special for me is being able to share the stage with these seniors weather they are onstage or backstage one last time.

Rehearsals are underway and are going well.   I am in the Who ensemble.  Lots of familiar faces this year and new ones too… that’s what  I love best about the PTA Plays.

2014 Seniors Ellie Arrowsmith, Olivia Cunis, Jason Emmond, Artemis Friel, Sarah Hurd, Kailey Kane, Matt O’Dowd, Lauren Ostrowski, Brett Quinn, Olivia Vordenberg and Anthony Zeolie




So  the idea of doing something special for the seniors ended up working out a lot better in theory then it did in practice since not very many of them are doing the play this year. I suppose it  is the thought that matters and counts the most here.   Regardless of this   I will still miss working on shows with them once they graduate.   They are an awesome group of kids.   Also  I retract my previous statement about this year being my last PTA Play.   Next  year’s show is Beauty and The Beast so  I definitely want to  be in that.  Not only is  Beauty and The Beast one of my favorite Disney movies but it is also the play that introduced me to musical theatre.   I saw it  on  Broadway in 1997… my first Broadway show… it changed my life forever. After that I will alternate between doing the PTA play and doing the Actorsingers  spring show depending on what shows are   going to be performed.


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