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This weekend I went to see  two dance performances…. both  were very much enjoyed. 🙂

The first one was   Saturday night at Souhegan. It was a fundraiser for my friend  Caleb Ginsberg’s non-profit organization the Motivating Miles Foundation which supports  cancer  research.  It was  really  good seeing Caleb and his girlfriend Ashley Blake again  because I had not seen either of them since  high school.  There were some really moving and powerful dances throughout the entrie show. In particular I really liked Ach, Ich Fuhls; Fix You,; The Optimist and You Belong To Me. Really great job to everyone in this production.

Yesterday  afternoon  I went to see  <strong>Timeless Beat</strong> at  the Amato Center.  In classfications of epic senior projects this one would  be  right up there with  mine and Aly McKnight’s.  I did not see Isaiah’s dance show last year but I am sure that was fantastic too. 🙂  What I really liked about Timeless Beat was the   variety of music  that the performers danced to.  I am have a very versatile list of songs that I like and many of my favorite songs were in that show.  Of course  I was a 90s kid so  <strong>Wannabe</strong> was a top song  I always listend to and I rememeberd choreographing dances with that song to my friends when  I was younger. My other favorite  routines  were  (being the  fan that I am. Can’t wait to see it at SHS in April.. that’s a show I will never ever ever get sick of.) Respect, Let It Be, This One’s For The Boy and The Boys Are Back In Town  Really outstanding job to everyone in Timeless Beat  and  congrats to Rachel on a wonderful senior project applied piece. 🙂 TE AMO  Riverbend Youth Company.


Posted February 5, 2013 by theatretechdiva in Riverbend Youth Company

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