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This is excerpted from my Fanfiction The Daughter I Never Had which highlight the  mother/daugher relationship of  Mrs. Pugh and Grace from Annie.  I own no rights to characters from Annie.    The full story can be found on my profile on   This goes with prompt # 366.

Grandmother-To Be

The Daughter   I Never Had Chapter 7

Note: This  is the epilogue of my story Forever Changed  from Mrs. Pugh’s perspective


Oliver told the  girls at dinner tonight that Grace is pregnant with twins.  I couldn’t be more excited for this family!  Annie and Molly are going to be such wonderful big sisters. I can’t wait to spoil those babies rotten!!

Grace had not been feeling well earlier today so I brought her some juice and a ham and cheese sandwich.  Once the kitchen was all cleaned up I went up to  Oliver and Grace’s room to go check on Grace.  When  I entered the room  I smiled when  I noticed the food tray was empty.  Grace looked a little bit better than she did earlier in the day.  I sat in the chair by the edge of her bed.

“Hi baby, how are you feeling?”

Grace was positively glowing. She beamed up at me.

“I’m feeling a lot better Mama.   Did Oliver tell you and the girls the wonderful news?”

I grinned.  “He certainly did!  I am so excited  for you Gracie Liz.”

“I’m so excited but nervous too.   What happens if something goes wrong with the pregnancy?”

“I’m sure everything will be fine darling.”

I stroked her back from her forehead and kissed it gently.

“I love you Grace.”

Grace’s hand reached out from underneath the covers and squeezed mine.

“I love you too Mama,”

I decided to let Grace rest and take Annie and Molly shopping for materials to decorate the nursery with.  They had no idea what to get at first but finally decided on a zoo animal theme,

“ I think the babies will really love the way the way their room will be decorated. “ Annie said

I squeezed her shoulder.  “I’m sure they will sweetheart.”

As always Annie was bubbling over with excitement.    Molly on the other hand barely said anything the whole shopping trip.

“Molly, darling what’s on your mind?” I asked on the way home.

She  shrugged.  “ Nothing.”

I could tell she wasn’t willing to tell me something.  I would get it out of her sooner or later.

Later that evening after dinner Grace came into my room looking concerned.

“Mama, Annie said that Molly was unusually quiet during your shopping trip today.  Did you ask her what was wrong?””

I nodded.  “I did.  She said nothing was bothering her but  I could tell she had something on her mind.”

“Do you think it could have something to do with the pregnancy?”

I shrugged..  “I don’t know.  Maybe we should try to talk to her together.”

Grace nodded. “Okay.”

And try we did… we were very unsuccessful in getting any information  out of Molly however.

At the beginning of August   I had some welcome time off because Oliver and Grace took the girls on vacation. After they got home Grace came into my room looking sad.

“Come here sweetheart.”  I said patting the bed next to me.

Grace sat down and I pulled her in to a warm embrace.

“Why so glum? Didn’t you all have a nice vacation?”

Grace nodded.  A tear escaped from her eye and made its way down her cheek.

“Did you find out what was bothering Molly while you were away?”

Grace nodded again. She remained silent.  Tears began to flow freely down her cheeks.

“Gracie Liz darling, please don’t cry.”

I rubbed her back and pulled a handkerchief from my apron pocket dabbing at her eyes.

Grace took a few moments to compose herself then she spoke.

“Yes Mama,  I did find out what has been bothering Molly. My heart is just torn up about it.”

“What’s been on her mind?”

“I think she’s a bit jealous of the babies.”

“Jealousy is normal for any child who is expecting a new sibling.”

Grace nodded. “I know, I remember feeling the same way. I was about Molly’s age before my sister Melissa was born.”

“What’s the problem then?”

Grace looked down at the bedspread.  “Molly is worried that Oliver and I won’t love her and Annie the same way once the babies are born.”

My jaw dropped.

“That’s ridiculous.”

Grace nodded. “Oliver feels the same way. He doesn’t quite understand why she think we’d love her and Anne any differently than we would our own children.”

I titled Grace’s chin up so she was looking directly into my eyes.

“You mustn’t worry about this too much sweetheart.   Every child deals with this.   You and Oliver just need to prove to her that you love her.”

Grace looked frustrated. “That’s the problem.  I feel like Molly should know that we love her and Annie just as much as we would love the babies when they are born. The fact that they are adopted shouldn’t affect anything. Why should we have to prove anything to her?”

“As I said you mustn’t worry.. This will pass.”

Grace nuzzled into my chest. “I love you Mama.”

I stroked her bangs back and kissed her forehead. “I love you too baby girl.”

The next day after school  I  knocked on  Molly’s door.

“Come in.” she called

I opened the door.

“Hi Grandma Helen!”

“Hi Sweetheart, can we talk?”

Molly nodded.     I patted a spot on her bed and she sat down

“Am I in trouble?”

I shook my head.  “No darling. Your mother is a little worried about you though.”


“She told me that you’re a little bit anxious about being forgotten about when the babies  are born.”

Molly nodded.  She looked down at her  bedspread  glumly.

“I don’t mean to make Mommy sad.   I love her a lot.”

I squeezed her  tightly.  “Oh darling, I have  no doubt in my mind that you do. She loves you and Annie  very much.”

“Why do you think that she’ll  forget about you once the babies are born?”

“Well  because we’re adopted and  the babies will be their own  children.”

As I had down with Grace the day before I took Molly’s chin and titled it upward so  she was looking directly in my eyes.

“Molly., your birth parents gave your mother and father a wonderful gift. You and your sister.  Both of you brighten up this household and we all love you so dearly.  Just because your mom is having a baby does not mean that you and Annie will be loved any less.”

Molly still looked uncertain. “Are you sure Grandma Helen?”

I rubbed her back. “Of course  sweetie pie,”

“I love you Grandma Helen.”

I kissed her on the head. “I love you too Molly.”


On a  late September morning  I woke up around 7:00.  I saw a note on the kitchen table from Oliver and smiled when  I saw. It said that Grace  had gone into labor and the babies were about to  make their entrance into the world.

Annie came into the  kitchen   “Grandma Helen, why aren’t Mom and Daddy up yet?”

I squeezed her tightly.  “Annie, your mother is in labor. Your brother and sister will be coming shortly.”

“Oh boy  oh  boy! How soon?”

“This note says that we have to wait for their phone call.  After that we’ll head to the hospital.”

The three of us  ate breakfast, At around  9:20 the phone rang.  Oliver was on the other end of the line.

“Come on down.  Grace had the  babies about five minutes ago.”

“Is she up for vistiors that soon?”

“Yes.   Grace can’t wait for Annie and Molly to meet their siblings.”

“We’re on our way.”

I hung up the phone. Annie grinned at me

“Was that  Daddy?”

“Yes, your brother and sister are here.   Let’s go to the hospital,”

“Oh boy o h boy!!” 

Annie bounced out of her chair and  brought her dirty dishes to the sink then she headed up to her room.  Molly and I were left alone.   She was quietly finishing her pancakes.

“Sweetheart, aren’t you excited?”

Molly shrugged.

I could sense she was a little bit worried about  being forgotten about.

“Sweetheart, remember what we talked about? Your mother and father love you very much.”

“Okay Grandma Helen.  I’ll go  get ready to go to the hospital now to see Mommy.”

I was sad that Molly was still feeling slighted by the birth of the babies.  I had no clue how to make her feel better.

When we got to the  hospital and asked the receptionist where Grace’s room  Annie bolted down the hall to her mother’s room. Molly and I went to the gift shop to buy some presents.

“Molly did you want to buy something for your brother and sister?”

Molly  nodded. “I have no clue what though.”

“Take a look around.”


It took her about 10 minutes but she met me at the cash register armed with two teddy bears.

I paid for  everything and we headed for Grace’s room

Annie met us at the door.

“Molly  the babies are so cute. They’re really tiny though.”

Molly and I entered  Grace’s room.

Oliver took the flowers from me and put them on Grace’s bedside table and then took the teddy bears from  Molly and put them in the bassinets. He then went over  to Molly and took her hand.

“Sweetheart, come meet your brother  and sister.”

“What names did you decide on?”

“Your brother’s name is Frederick Oliver and your sister’s name is Joanne Rachel.”

I choked up at Joanne’s middle name.. Grace must have made the decision to name her after her mother.

Molly leaned over and kissed Frederick’s head gently. “Welcome to the family .” she whispered.

Oliver took one of the babies from Grace and I took her free hand  in mine,

“They’re so precious  Grace.  I’m so happy for all of you.” I leaned down and kissed her  forehead.

“Thanks  Mama.  I love you.”

“ I love you too my beautiful precious girl.”

Grace patted an empty spot  on the bed., gesturing toward  Molly.

“Come here sweetie pie.”

Molly scrambled  up on the bed and curled into her mother’s side.

“Never forget how  much  I love you and your sister.” She whispered.

Molly kissed   Joanne’s head and then Grace’s  cheek.

“I won’t Mommy.  I love you.”

We all stood in content silence.  I could tell Grace was grateful to have such a wonderful family. I couldn’t be more happy. She may not be my birth daughter but she’s just  as special to me as my own daughter.  I am so happy she came into my life.


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