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I am consdiering auditioning for You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown with Stagecoach Productions in the spring. I have a while to decide about the audition. I must admit looking back on my audition for Pirates on Penzance in August I am not really sure I really did the best that I could’ve done. I think it would have beeen better for me to sing a Gilbert and Sullivan song instead of Oklahoma from Oklahoma. This could be a case of me being my own toughest critic but I don’t know. It was my first time auditioning for Stagecoach so I was pretty nervous about it. This time around I won’t be quite as nervous.

I think I need to start doing research on this show.. sure a few songs from it are on my itunes but I need to pick a song that will be good…. I am not sure any of the songs I have already will be a good fit for the audition so I may have to go to the library.

Tons of time to prepare so I am not too worried about it right now. It’s January 29th the audition is not til May 13th.


Posted January 29, 2013 by theatretechdiva in auditions, Stagecoach Productions

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