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NHTA 11  Predictions vs Actuality


Oklahoma was nominated for 8 awards.  It was nominated in the top 3 for Best Lighting Design. Nick Hammes won for Best Supporting Actor.

Annie was nominated for  7 awards.  Julia Yameen made  it to top 3 for best actress. Kerry Schnieder won for best supporting actress.
Ragtime   from New London Barn Playhouse in the Professional division  did really well taking honors in  categories such as Best  Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Choreography.   I really wish  I had seen this!! 😦  I could not really make decent predictions in the professional category because  I did not see any of the shows but I gave it my best shot.

Best  Musical

Top 3  Preditced

Annie    Actorsingers

Oklahoma   Amherst PTA

Pirates of  Penzance

Actual Top 3

(Winners in Italics)

 Titanic   Stagecoach  Productions

Gifts of The Magi   Majestic Theatre

Next To Normanl Acting Loft

For best Actress in A Musical  I predicted a tie between Jen Erdody and Sophie Linkroum. Sophie won.  YAY!!

For Best Actor in  Musical  I predicted a tie between  Steve Hammes and Mark Murai.  Johm Marshall won for his portrayal of Harold  Hil in The Music Man with North Country Community Theatre Players.

Best Choreography

Predicted Top 3

Martha  Holland Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions  (Top 3  YAY!)

Vouli  Anthimadou   Oklahoma Amherst PTA 😦  Was really hoping she’d get top 3.

Kellie Haigh Chicago Actorsingers

Winner: Allyson Weiner-Saywer  The Music Man North Country  Community Theatre

Best Music Director    

 Predicted Top 3:Judy Hayward Titanic   Stagecoach    Donna Tounge Annie Actorsingers  Michele Henderson  Pirates of Penzance  Stagecoach  Productions

Actual Top 3     Judy Hayward  Chicago  Actorsingers & Titanic  Stagercoach Productions  Donna Tounge  Annie Actorsingers

   Judy & Donna tied which   I did not expect at all.

Best Costume Desigenr

Predicted Top 3

 Cherie  Prior Annie Actorsingers  (Top 3  YAY!)

Susan  Cassidy   Titanic Stage Coach Productions   (Top 3   YAY!)

Val Verge  Same Time Next Year  M&M Productions

Winner: Susan Cassidy  Titanic Stagecoach Productions

Best Supporting Actress

Predicted top 3

Arielle Kaplan   Hodel Fiddler on The Roof   😦  Was really hoping she’d get top 3.

Annie Orio  Ruth  Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions

Kerry Schnieder  Ms  Hannigan  Annie Actorsingers   (TOP 3  Winner!!)

The other top 2 finalists were  Rigel Harris  Beggar Woman  Sweeney Todd  RB Productions and  Caity Glover  Kate Mgowan Titanic The Musical Stagecoach Productions

Best Supporting Actor

Predicted Top 3

Nick Hammes  Will Parker Amherst PTA  (Top 3 WINNER   YAY!!)

Marc Murai  Amos Hart   Chicago Actorsingers  (Top 3   YAY!)

Michael Coppolla  Billy Flynn Chicago Actorsingers

The other top 3 finalist was  Garrett  Inman  Tobias  Sweeney Todd RB Productions

In the Drama/Comedy Category  I could not make very good predictions because  nominated   I only saw two.   Same Time Next Year and Moon Over Buffalo.   Mari  Keegan  was nominated in the top 3  for Best Actresss in Same Time Next Year, Niel Blaialock  and Dan Merriman  were nominated for  best actor and best supporting for their roles in  Moon Over Buffalo.   I feel Jenna Fraser was shafted for  her performance in Shakespeare in Hollywood.  Then again  I didn’t see the other two shows that were nominated so  I can’t make good comparisons but Jenna was great! 🙂

For the youth  category  I could also not make very good predictions because  I did not see hte particular show which was nominated  when  I made my predictions  I based then on prior performances  I have seen them in.    As I noted in my entry from this morning  Kat Feraco got top 3  for her role as Nancy in Oliver with Riverbend Youth Company and Jon Edelbluet won for best actor   for his performance of Fagin.   Danny Shea  and   Becky  Klien  took home best supporting actor and actress honors for their roles as  Thenardier and Epionine in Les Miserables with Peacock Players.  Noises Off won  Best Youth Production.

Congrats to all nominees, top 3 finalists  and winners and also  to Keith Wierich and Rob Dionne for thier special awards.  You guys  deserve them  for alll you do for the theatre community.  🙂


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