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Eleven is a magic number. It marks the number of years I’ve been involved in commmunity theatre and also the amount of time the talents and hard work of all those involved in NH Theatre has been recognized at the NH Theatre Awards. This recap of the NHTAS will not be a typical run down of nominees and winners but also how some of the nomiated companies have shaped me as a performer. Let me just say that Scott Severanes’s opening number could not be more sport on by saying there’s no theatre like New Hampshire Theatre. Lhast night’s ceremony was at the Stockbridge Theatre at Pinkerton Academy in Derry which I find to be a much more intimate venue then the Palace Theatre in Manchester where the ceremony has been for the first couple years I’ve atteneded. Matt Sonya and I went out to dinner with the PTA gang at Sabatinos before the show for some great Italian food. Pictures will be on Facebook later today. 🙂 The list of winnners will be posted on the website later today. Congrats to all nominees and winners for the NHTAs.

The first group I will talk about is Peacock Players. Peacock Players was one of the first local theatre groups I got involvced with. While I never did any shows with them I atteneed their theatre camp in 2000 and 2001. That was when I really found out how much I loved acting and being involved in theatre. It was a fun two summers and the summer between freshmen and sophomore year was incredibly memorable for me because Jared Nathan was one of my counselors that summer. Jared died in a drunk driving car accident in 2005. While I didn’t get to know him as closely as those who actually did shows with him at Peacock Players he definitley had an effect on me. I know that he would be proud of all Peacock has accomplished over the past several years and of course all the wins last night. Peacook was nominated for several awards for their productions of Les Miserables and Noises Off. Noises Off won for best production in the youth division for Drama/Comedy or Musical. Keith Weirch won a special award for Children and Family Theatre and I couldn’t be happier for him. Allo the hard work that he does for Peacock certainly shouldn’t go unrecognized. I interned there for four months when I graduated from NEC and I really enjoyed my time there.:)

Six summers ago I had the most amazing summer internship at the New London Barn Playhouse in New London. That summer will always stick with me as a memorable one. I really came out of my shell that summer both in acting and directing as I assitant directed a youth theatre production based on my mom’s children’s book Bravery Soup. I acted along side Joel Mercier in Annie Get Your Gun (he was Pawnee Bill and I was in the ensemble) and I was happy that he won for best musical director for his work on Ragtime. Ragtime also took home honors for Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Production Musical Best Choreographer and Best Costume Designer in the professional category. I did not get to see this show but really wish that I had. Congrats to everyone involved with Ragtime. It is moments like these that make me proud and humbled to be a New London Barn Playhouse alumni.

Since graduating from college I have been involved with Milford Area Players,Riverbend Youth Company and The Amherst PTA. It is really great to have so many opportunties in Amherst and Milford to participate in theatre. MAP was nominated in the top 10 for various catergories for their productions of Shakespeare In Hollywood and The 39 Steps. Riverbend Youth Company is the youth theatre branch of the Amato Center and I have worked on four shows with them in the past in addition to this year’s joint holiday production It’s A Wonderful Life . I talked in my entry Favorite Shows and directors about the impact being involved with It’s A Wonderful Life and Oklahoma have had on me. Please read that entry so I don’t have to retype a lot of things. 🙂 Anyway Riverbend’s production of Oliver was up for 3 Nominations Kat Feraco was in the top 3 for Best Actress and Jon Edelbluet won Best Actor for his performance as Fagin. I couldn’t be more excited for them and more pleased with myself that my predictions for them came out accurate. YAY! 2 points also because I predicted Nick Hammes’s win for best supporting actor for his role of Will Parker in Oklahoma. I am so excited for Nick!! That’s where my luck with making predictions runs out unfortunately. 😦 Oklahoma was nominated for seven other awards and I couldn’t be more prouder of everyone else from the cast and crew who was nominated. As I pointed out in my Favorite Shows and Directors post Oklahoma was a very special show to me because  really grew as a performer.  Again  I go into much more detail about that in that entry so please read it because I would perfer not to repeat myself.  Te Amo Amherst PTA!  I would also like to take a moment to congratulate my PTA cast mate Sophie Linkroum for her win  for best Actress in  a musical for  her role of Roxie Hart in Chicago with Actorsingers.


Once again  congrats to all nominees and winners for the 2012  NH Theatre Awards.


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