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My writing prompt yesterday was related toward   the  shows  I’ve most  enjoyed seeing or working on so I figured this blog would be the most  appropriate blog to post it in.

I have been involved in theatre for eleven years  mostly working backstage. In that time period I have worked on over 20 shows and acted in 5 most recently and notably  Oklahoma and  It’s  A Wonderful Life. I worked with the same director for both shows. I am hoping that the  new confidence  I gained from being in these  shows will lead to  bigger roles in other shows.. this time  around  I am taking a break from auditioning  with my primary focus being work on Princess K.I.M. The Musical... however  I think  I will likely work backstage on Meet Me In St Louis in some capacity   though  I have not decided exactly what I want to do yet.

Onward  before I start to ramble…

As I was saying  during  both  Oklahoma and It’s A Wonderful Life  I would definitley say  I pushed myself really hard and as  a result  I have  become a better performer.  I never really realized before It’s A Wonderful Life that  I was a comedic actress… yes   I’ve always known that I’ve had a good  sense of humor but   I had never really had any kind of opportunity to showcase it on stage so  when  I was trying to develop  Mrs. Hatch’s character  I tried to think of good ways to incoroprate humor  into my character.. I would say those efforts were very successful. :). I thank Roger Hurd for trusting me with that role and believing in me. With Oklahoma two things I struggled with were harmonies and dancing. Dancing has never been my strong suit mainly because of my cerebal palsy but with lots of practice came the confidence I needed. The same thing goes for singing too and I credit Michelle Emmond for all the help that she gave me. 🙂 Te Amo  Amherst PTA  🙂

As far as favorite shows that I’ve seen… well gee let me get my list. There’s quite a lot but If I could pick a top favorite. I have seen a ton of shows in community theatre in the past 12 years and 6 on Broadway. The most memorable experience I have was proably seeing Beauty and The Beast when I was 13. That was my introduction to musical theatre and Broadway shows and I remember being in awe of the set design and costumes. In my senior year at New England College I took a course called Dramatic Criticism where we learned about writing good theatre reviews.. I still use that book as reference ocassiona;ly when I write my articles for the Milford Cabinet and it has really come in handy. As part of the course we went on field trips to go see shows at theatre venues in Massacuetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. MY favorite show we went to see that semester was probably which was the final show we saw of the semester. The plot of that musical is very hysterical and the music is great. I can’t wait to see it again this summer at Interlakes Summer Theatre. Some other favorite shows I have seen in local and commmunity theatres include Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, Oklahoma, I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change, Fiddler On The Roof and Moon Over Buffalo.

Combination of Prompts 696 and 705 in my creative writing prompts book.


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