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I had to revise my top 3 predictions slightly.  I am hoping that these predicttions willl come true. Especially the  Oklahoma and Annie  ones. Also includinng  Professional predictions despite the fact  I saw no shows in the category gonna do my best with those ones.     I hope to be an adjudicator next year because that will help me with broadening the scope of shows  I see. I will also be likely to make much more legitimate predictions  in the Professional Category depending on how many shows  I get to see.

Top 3 Best Musical

Professional : Hair New London Barn Playhouse   The Wedding Singer  NCAA Papermilll Theatre  Young Frakenstien   Weathervane Theatre  Predicted Winner  Wedding  Singer NCAA Papermill Theatre

Community Annie Actorsingers   Oklahoma Amherst PTA  Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach  Productions       1st of  Many catergories where it’s hard to predict a winner but  I’ll go with Annie for this one…since Oklahoma will be dominant in most of these predictions.

Top 3 Best Drama Comedy

Community Same Time Next Year  Moon Over Buffalo  The Laramie Project  Predicted Winner Moon Over Buffalo

Professional  Epic Proportions  Winnipasaukee  Playhouse  Two Gentlemen  of Vernoa  Advice To The Players The 39 Steps Peterborough Players   Predicted Winner The 39 Steps Peterborough  Players

 Top 3 Best  Youth  Production

Grease Actorsingers Youth  Noises Off Peacock Players  Sweeney Todd School Editoin RB Players   Predicted Winner  Noises Off Peacock Players

Top 3  Best Actor

Professional:   It is hard to make   predictions for best actor, actress supporting actress and supporting actor without having seen the performance so  I am skipping this category.  I may actually skip the technical  predictions for most of the professional shows too with the exception of  Musical Director and  Choreography.  Joel Mercier is former co-worker of mine and having seen a few shows at the Barn  since  I left there five years ago I know that he is awesome however   I am predicting that  Paul  Loman will win  for his musical direction of  The Wedding Singer with NCAA Papermill Theatre.   Sarah Case and Keith Coughlin won last year for  Best Choregraphy so   I have an inlking that they might win again but    don’t have much to go on since  I did not see Ragtime or   The Drowsy Chaperone which took home honors last year.

Community   Steve Hammes  Curly in  Oklahoma Amherst PTA  Mark Murai Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance  Stagecoach Productions  Don Laduke    This category and its female counter part are hard to pick winnners for because so many people are nominated that I know and all of them were amazing in their performances. I  settled for a tie in both categories. For  Male it was between Steve and Marc and for Female it was between Jen Erdody (Laurey  Wlliams in  Oklahoma Amherst PTA ) and Sophie Linkroum. (Roxie Hart in Chicago Actorsingers)


Predictions based off prior performances I have seen these  actors in since  I missed these productions.

Alex Giggey  Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables  Peacok Players   Jon Edelbluet  Fagin in  Oliver Riverbend Youth Company  Daniel Schwartenzenberg Javert  in Les Miserables Peacock Players

Predicted Winner  Jon Edelbluet  Fagin in Oliver Riverbend Youth Company

Best Actress 

Community  Jen Erdody   Laurey Williams in  Oklahoma  Amherst PTA  Sophie  Linkroum  Roxie Hart in Chicago Actorsingers   Julia Yameen Annie in Annie Actorsingers   Please see my comments for  Best Actor community above! 🙂

Best Actress  Youth

Kat Feraco  Nancy in  Oliver  Riverbend Youth Company  Bailey Delacy  Doty in Noises Off Peacock Players   Predicted Winner     Kat Feraco  Nancy in Oliver  Riverbend Youth Company

Having not seen all the productions in the Drama/ Comedy  Category it was hard to pick  a top 3 in any of the acting categories.   Basically my prediction is that  Moon Over Buffalo will win   Best Production,  Best Director  George Phiel, (Best Actor)  (Neil Bialklock) and Best Supporting Actor (Dan Merriamn) For   Best Actress Jenna Fraser will win for her performance of  Puck  in Shakespeare  In Hollywood with  Milford Area Players.

Best  Costume Design  Community

Cherie Prior  Annie Actorsingers  Val Verge Same Time Next Year  M&M Productions   Susan Cassidy  Titanic The Musical Stagecoach Predicted Winner   Cherie Prior  Annie Actorsinges.. though Val would be a close second.  🙂

Best  Musical Director Community

Michele Henderson  Pirartes of Penzance Stagecoach Productions  Donna Tounge  Annie Actorsingers  Judy Hayward Chicago Actorsingers Predicted Winner  Donna Tounge Annie Actorsingers.   Another hard category to predict.

Best Choreographer Community 

Vouli   Anthimodou   Oklahoma Amherst PTA  Martha Holland  Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions   Kellie Haigh  Chicago Actorsingers   Predicted Winner Voluli Anthimodou  Oklahoma Amherst PTA      Very biased  in this category.   🙂 Oklahoma  also rounds out the  technical category with predicted wins in best sound design, best scence design. Fiddler on The Roof at MCTP comes in a close second for lighting.

 Best Director  Musical Community

Dana Sigel Annie Actorsingers   Judy Hayward Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions    Keith Weirch  Les Miserables Peacock Players   Predicted  Winnder Dana Sigel Annie Actorsingers

Best Supporting Actor  Musical Community

   Michael Coppolla  Billy Flynn Chicago  Actorsingers Marc  Murai  Amos Hart  Chicago Actorsingers  Nick Hammes  Will Parker Oklahoma  Amherst PTA   Predicted  Winner   Nick Hammes Will Parker  Oklahoma Amherst PTA

Best Supporting Actress  Community

Anne  Orio   Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach  Productions   Arielle Kaplan  Hodel Fiddler On The Roof  Manchester  Community Theatre Players Kerry Schneider  Ms Hannigan Annie Actorsingers

Predicted Winner   Though it’s really  hard to predict  a winner for this category because all performances were outstanding  I would have  to predict that Arielle  will win.  🙂



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