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 Okay so  I am probably not even qualified to make any kind of predictions for the outcome of the NHTAS  but  I  figured  I would make an attempt.  They may be slightly biaed because it will largely based   on the shows  I have seen through out the year.  I should note that  I want to be an adjudicator really badly  so that way I could get the opportunity to see more shows outside the general area of shows I see all the time.  Transportation is an issue though  😦  Always an issue.

*= Did not see the production but has general knowledge that the productions by this company are amazing.


Moon Over Buffalo will win for best production drama/comedy but Same Time Next Year will be well-contested.    Can’t pick a top  3 for this category because  I didn’t see any of the other plays.

Best Production  Musical 

Top 3 Oklahoma, Pirates of Penzance, Annie    Runner  Up Bat Boy The Musical (I wish  I had seen this)
I excercise slightl bias in this category. This is a tough category to predict a winner for because so many good shows are nominated.

Best  Director  Drama/Comedy

Top 3  Moon Over Buffalo  Same Time Next Year  The Laramie Project  (Gotta have some NEC representation in there somewhere.. I didn’t see this show either but  I am so happy that Sharon got nominated.)

Best Director  Musical  ( completely biased for this category.. sorry)

Top 3  Annie,  Pirates of Penzance,  Les Mis*

Can’t even pick a top 3 for best  actor  drama comedy because  Moon Over Buffalo  was the only show I saw in the category.


Best Actress Drama Comedy

Don’t really  know anyone else who was nominated in this category  aside from Jenna and Mari.

Best Actress  Musical

In the catergories of Best Actor and Best Actress in A Musical It is very difficult to narrow the lost down to make fair in balanced predictions. For best actor my top choices would be Don LaDuke Annie Actorsingers Steve Hammes Oklahoma Amherst PTA Stuart Harmon Titanic The Musical Stage Coach Productions and Marc Murai Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions. This and the best Actress in a Musical category could really be anyone’s game so it’s hard to predict a winner. Julia Yameen and Holly Alexander have a lot of tough compettion against them in the Actress In A Musical Category. Lots of talent mmong the other nominees. My top 4 for that category consists of Laura Prior Pirates of Penzance Stagecoach Productions Jen Erdody Oklahoma Amherst PTA Julia Yameen Annie Actorsingers Sophie Linkroum Chicago Actorsingers

Best Supporting Actor Drama Comedy

Didn’t see enough shows in this category to  make a non-biased prediction.

Best Supporting Actress  Muscial

Kerry Schineder   Miss Hannigan  Annie    Arielle  Kaplan  Hodel Fiddler On The  Roof MCTP  Anne  Orio Ruth Pirates of Penzance  Stagecoach Productions      Runner Up Ashley Hughes Swanson  Bat Boy The Musical

Best Supporting Actor  Musical

 Marc Murai and  Michael  Coppolla  Chicago  Nick  Hammes  Oklahoma Had I seen more shows in this category it would be easier to make a less biased and more evenly balanced prediction.

Best Musica Director

Annie  Donna  Tounge   Pirates of Penzance  Michele Henderson   Chicago Judy Hayward
I hope Donna wins.

Best Choreographer

Oklahoma  Vouli Anthimidou   Chicago  Kellie Haigh  Pirates of Penzance  Martha Daniels Holland
I want to be biased and say Vouli will win but all of these shows were very well choreographed so it’s hard to make a choice. Annie had amazing choregraphy as well.

Best Costume Designer

Annie   Cherie Prior    Same Time Next Year  Val Verge
Didn’t see enough shows in this category to make a balanced and non- biased prediction.

Best Scenic Designer

Oklahoma  Roger  Hurd  Steve Vordenberg  Mike McKnight  Alan Kaplan   Same Time Next Year Jim Webber  Les Mis *  Jim Mail and Keith Weirch I didn’t actually see Les Mis but the Peacock Players shows have good scenic design. I am hoping Oklahoma will win though.

Best Sound Design

Les Mis  Peacock Players *     Annie Actorsingers  Oklahoma  Amherst PTA

Best Lighting Design

Fiddler On The Roof  MCTP    Les Mis  Peacock Players *  Oklahoma Amherst PTA  *Man Of Lamancha Winni  Players Wally Pineault  ( Again gotta have NEC representation in there)

I  didn’t see any shows in the professional category that were nominated and thus  can’t make any predictions

 It is  difficult to  make predictions in the Youth Category since  I did not see any of the shows.  I can only make these predictions  based on previous shows  I have seen  the actors in.  Thus  I will only do top 2 for this category instead of top 3.

Best Actor

Oliver Riverbend Youth Company Jon Edelblut as  Fagin

Les Mis  Peacock Players   Dan Schwartzenberg  as Javert

Best Actress

Riverbend Youth Company  Oliver Kat Feraco as Nancy

Noises Off  Peacock  Players  Bailee Delacy as Dotty

Best Supporting Actor

Riverbend Youth Company  Steven Edelblut as Oliver

Les Mis Peacock Players  Danny Shea as  Tehnardier

Don’t know any of the nominees in best supporting  Actress category well enough to make a legitimate prediction.











For those who didn’t know already I went to NEC in Henniker and Wally and Sharon were my professors.


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