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As a Christmas gift my parents gave me tickets to go see Throughly Modern Millie at the Amato Center. This presents a dillemma because I really want to see this play but if I audition for either Meet Me In St Louis or Curtains and get in then I woon’t be able to go see it. That would be a waste of two tickets.

Fear not though this issue is solveable.

The more I think about it I am pretty worn out from doing two shows at once this fall teching Annie and being in It’s A Wonderful Life. I think it would be most sensible to take a break and direct my focus on two important priroties…. Priness K.I.M The Musical and finding a decent paying job. I am going to do back stage for the Milfod Area Players show The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 in some capacity. That show is March 15-24th. I will definitley help out wuth publicity for Curtains and Meet Me In St Louis.

2013 Viewing Schedule
Due to budget my viewing schedule for the first part of this year is very limited.. some shows are still being discussed. Trying to see what options are available in Concord and Manchester to go see.
Feb 3rd Timeless Beat
Feb 15 Jazz Night at Souhegan
May 10-12 Throughly Modern Millie and Meet Me In St Louis (might take my mom to see Curtains for Mother’s Day. )


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