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So   I guess  I’m still on the the fence with my winter auditions.  I have a little over a month to decide.   My main focus has to be  Princess  K.I.M. The Musical so  I can’t overload myself too much.   I was talking to people at the Christmas party at the Abis’s  about it.  I was originally intending to audition for Meet Me In St Louis   but I  am leaning more toward auditioning for Curtains and Company mostly because  it’s closer to where I live.   Amherst is not that  far  of a commute  so it’s manageable for me… espeically if  Matt and Sonya audition with me and get in.  However I did really enjoy working on Annie with Actorsingers last month so  I wouldn’t mind  working on another show with them.   The more tech experience  I get the  better.    With that  in mind  I would probably stick with  Meet Me In St Louis or Curtains because I am not sure what kind of  tech opportunities would  be available for Company. When  I was  looking at the character descriptions for Company and Curtains  I didn’t see any ensemble roles  listed but  I’m guessing there must be some.  I guess I’m up for a challenge and auditioning for a role that has more lines. Playing  Mrs. Hatch gave me  a new found confidence so that’s why  I ‘m willing to push myself a  little harder with these auditions.  Choosing an  audition  song for Company is a bit challenging.   I found a few reccomondations on the theatreauditionhelp blog on tumblr but   I am not familiar with  any of those songs so  I am not sure which one  I should pick.  If anyone one more familiar with Sondheim’s song book  could help me out that would be great!!  🙂

Moments in the Woods– Into The Woods

Everybody Says Don’t– Anyone Can Whistle

Losing My Mind- Follies

Not a Day Goes By– Merrily We Roll Along

Based on the  selction that  I have already picking a song for  Meet Me In St Louis or Curtains should be easy but it would depend on if  the directors are looking for a song in the style of the show.  I don’t know if any  Meet Me In St Louis songs are really in my range  and am not familar at all with any songs from  Curtains so wouldn’t know where to start for that.


I have a month to figure things out…  I should have a more clear idea of what I want to do by mid January though working back stage may be the route to go this time around so  I can devote most of my time to Princess  K.I.M. and looking for a job.



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