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Last night  Matt and  I went to the holiday concert at Souhegan.  It  was  the first time i’d been  to a music department concert since  I graduated.  Nostalgia washed over me because  I remember well all the concerts  I gave on that very stage in my four years at Souhegan. It was very ironic that the first song the Acapella chorus sang was Fum Fum Fum  a song that Acapella  choir sang in the Holiday  Concert my junior year (I think). It was interesting for that song to come  full circle and see it performed all those years later.   Once again  I totally remain impressed by  the talent at Souhegan.   Brad Odhner had a solo  for White Christmas when the band played and he did fabulous.   I think my favorite song last night  was probably Believe from Polar Express which was a  collaboroative performance between  the Chorus and the Handbell Ensemble.  Polar Express is one of my favorite holiday movies and  I think they did   a really good job with that song.  🙂

Great job to everyone in the SHS Music Department on a wonderful holiday concert.

On a note non-related to theatre/music   I would like to  know what the heck is wrong with this society?  The news of the school  shooting in    Conneticut today sickens and disgusts me.   My heart is broken for all the victims and those who died especially the children.   Why must innocent children be caught in crossfire of  such tragedies?  Why  must so many people in this country  be so violent?


Posted December 14, 2012 by theatretechdiva in High School Music and Theatre

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