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I find it  ironic  and quite fitting that  a question about  It’s A Wonderful Life should  come up on the  discussion forum I am on   the website that  I post my poetry on.  Here is my response to that  question..

 I think what constitutes a  Wonderful  Life is  the people you surround yourself with and how certain people and events impact you.   That’s what makes  It’s A Wonderful  Life  so interesting because George  Bailey gets to see what things would have been like if he’d never been born.. a very morbid concept.  I almost feel bad for George actually.   Anyway  as  I’ve gotten older  I’ve started to care less and less about material things… the thing that is most important about the  Holiday season is spending time  with those you love.

To continue  my point and going  on to discuss the production…  I am so sad it’s over but yet incredibly happy at the same time.  The thing  that made this show very special for me was   the fact two companies  I have worked with together over the past couple years..  Riverbend Youth Company and Amherst PTA.     Several of my Oklahoma castmates were in this show with me  and it was great to work with them again.  It was also great to work with several of the kids  whom I  have worked with over the past four years  on  Riverbend Youth Company shows.  Old friendships are built stronger and new ones are made.    Additonally  it was  really great to work with Roger again as director.   This show was a new challenge for me as it was my first speaking part but  I took the challenge head on.  I was honestly super nervous on opening night because  I thought  I was going to mess up or forget my lines but once the  curtain went down at the end of the show  I realized    I had nothing to worry about.


Thank you to everyone who made this show such a great experience… especially Roger for the opportunity to play Mrs. Hatch.


Happy Holidays Everyone.




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