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The people at the muscaldiscussions and theatreauditionhelp tumblrs are so incredibly helpful. Right now I am really still trying to decide what method of attack to choose for winter auditions. I may not audition for Company because I am not too sure I am ready for a musical that doesn’t have a lot of ensemble parts. Perhaps that’s more of a comfort thing for me, can’t really pinpoint that. I am also looking for a new challenge however and perhaps auditioning for Company will provide the type of challenge I am looking for. Curtains definitley sounds like a fun show though by looking at the character desrciptions I can’t determine which character would fit my voice range very well. It would actauallly be cool to do a murder mystery type show again.. the last show I did that was somewhat similar to was <A Fatal Combination which was the fall play my senior year at Souhegan that play certainly seems like eons ago my goodness. Still in shock that i've been out of high school for 8 years. Anyway back to topic I'm sure that if I auditioned for Meet Me In St Louis and got in I would learn to like it.. I mean I wasn’t ultimately too crazy about Music Man before I auditioned for it two years ago but by about three weeks in the process I was enjoying the show and the story line.

As far as audition music is concered I think I would much rather stick with the shongs I have already as opposed trying to find a different song. I already have qute a variety of options I could use.. though I’m pretty sure I want to sing something else besides Oklahoma since I already used that for my previous auditions. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to look up the video of just to see if it will fit my voice range.

Lots of time to think about this and prepare.. auditions are not until January and February


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