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I have been taking a voice class at the YMCA  since the middle of September and tonight was my recital.  Not gonna lie  I was not 100% prepared so  I was pretty nervous about doing well and messing up my song.   I sang God Bless The Broken Road by  Rascal Flatts.   I think  I did okay.  The YMCA   is  going to attempt to start their choir up again in January.  I haven’t decided if  I am going to join that though  because I was considering  joining  either Souhegan Valley Chorus or Stagecoach Women’s Choir.   I was waiting to save a little bit of money up  because Stagecoach Women’s Chorus has an entry fee that I couldn’t afford  for the fall semester. We’ll see what happens though.   I am trying not spread myself to thin in the spring time because  I want my main focus to be  Princess  K.IM. The Musical so  I need to keep my priorties straight.    The same thing goes for auditioning for plays too.  I was considering auditioning for Meet Me In St Louis (Amherst PTA), Curtains (Actorsingers) and Company (Stagecoach Productions)  but  I think it might be overkill to audition for three shows.  I suppose the more auditions  I get under my belt the better but still… Princess  K.I.M needs to be my main priority.


We’ll see what happens  right now  I have to get through Annie tech week.  This week willl be  exhausting  but I am very excited to work on my first show with Actorsingers. 🙂


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