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After much debate over the past couple months  I decided which show I am auditioning for in the spring. As you recall from a previous entry  I was deciding between Company with Stagecoach Productions.Curtains  with Actorsingers  and Meet Me In St Louis with Amherst PTA.    While I had a good experience with auditioning for Stagecoach and Actorsingers for thier fall productions  and  I definitley plan on auditioning for them again next fall  I didn’t see any roles that particulary stood out to me in  Curtains or Company.  Also  I feel  that in order to be ready for bigger roles in the future I need to  perfect my acting and  I think the PTA plays will help me with that, I will audition for Actorsingers in the fall definitely…not sure about Stagecoach yet it will depend on the show and how busy I will be with stuff for Princess  K.I.M..

Tonight was the Nashua Holiday Stroll.  That is something I always look foward to every year. This was my fourth year going. The last performance we went to was  a concert at the Methodst Church   by Actorsingers. What a wonderful  mix of showtunes and holiday songs.  I really  enjoyed it a lot.  Last week  I went to see 12 Angry Jurors at Souhegan with Sonya.  It was  a very interesting and thoughtprovoking show.  It kept you guessing weather or not Juror #12 was going to  vote guilty or non guilty. Great job to the cast.  I am so  excited that Souhegan is  doing Grease for thier musical this year.. that has always been one of my  favorites!!



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So in honor of Thanksgiving I thought I would note that I am incredibly thankful to be involved with the NH Theatre Community. Tech work for Annie just completed on Sunday 11/11 and I am so happy that I got to do tech work for my favorite musical. I would like to thank everyone at Actorsingers for being so welcoming. I am looking forward to hopefully doing backstage work for Curtains in the spring. It’s A Wonderful Life is picking up speed. We have 7 more rehearsals before performances and our first Act I run through is Sunday. This show has been a lot of fun and it’s been so great having a speaking role because I am more used to non-speaking ensemble parts.
Tickets for It’s A Wonderful Life are now on sale $12.00 adults $8.00 students and seniors.
Showdates 7:30pm Friday and Saturday Decembeer 7 &8th 1pm matinees on Saturday and Sunday December 8 &9 Amato Center for The Performing Arts 56 Mt Vernon St Milford If you want to buy advance tickets let me know. They will be also avaialble at the door.

I should also mention that on November 3rd we had our first read through workshop for Princess K.I.M. The Musical. Thanks to everyone who came out. I am so excited for the journey we are going to take with this production and hope you all come back to audition in the spring. 🙂

I’ve met amazing people up to this point and continue to meet amazing people as time goes on. I am thankful for the friends I have made through theatre… especially those I have made most recently through the PTA and Actorsingers.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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The people at the muscaldiscussions and theatreauditionhelp tumblrs are so incredibly helpful. Right now I am really still trying to decide what method of attack to choose for winter auditions. I may not audition for Company because I am not too sure I am ready for a musical that doesn’t have a lot of ensemble parts. Perhaps that’s more of a comfort thing for me, can’t really pinpoint that. I am also looking for a new challenge however and perhaps auditioning for Company will provide the type of challenge I am looking for. Curtains definitley sounds like a fun show though by looking at the character desrciptions I can’t determine which character would fit my voice range very well. It would actauallly be cool to do a murder mystery type show again.. the last show I did that was somewhat similar to was <A Fatal Combination which was the fall play my senior year at Souhegan that play certainly seems like eons ago my goodness. Still in shock that i've been out of high school for 8 years. Anyway back to topic I'm sure that if I auditioned for Meet Me In St Louis and got in I would learn to like it.. I mean I wasn’t ultimately too crazy about Music Man before I auditioned for it two years ago but by about three weeks in the process I was enjoying the show and the story line.

As far as audition music is concered I think I would much rather stick with the shongs I have already as opposed trying to find a different song. I already have qute a variety of options I could use.. though I’m pretty sure I want to sing something else besides Oklahoma since I already used that for my previous auditions. I suppose it couldn’t hurt to look up the video of just to see if it will fit my voice range.

Lots of time to think about this and prepare.. auditions are not until January and February

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My first expereince with Actorsingers was so wonderful. I was so happy to be able to help out backstage for one od my all time favorite musicals. Everyone was so welcoming and I am looking foward to auditioning/helping out with future shows for them. 🙂 Thanks everyone for being awesome!

Now that Annie is over things go full throttle for It’s A Wonderful Life. The show opens in four weeks. I can’t believe how fast the process has gone by. We have our first full run through of Act 1 on Sunday which I am excited about. What a great cast to work with.

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Tech Week for Annie has begun!!

This week will be crazy and exhausting but it will all be worth it in the end. This being my frist show with Actorsingers I am happy to be part of this group. Couldn’t be happier to be working on one of my alltime favorite musicals with them. 🙂 I think the schedule I will get into from now on will be doing the PTA Plays in the spring and Actorsingers shows and the Holiday Show at the Amato Center in the Fall.
Speaking of which…
It’s A Wonderful Life has been going fantastic. We have about 4 weeks til performances… I can’t even believe that. This has been a new experiencew for me because it is my first time in a showw where I have speaking lines. It has been such a fun show to be a part of and being in the show with Matt and Sonya makes it twice as fun. 🙂

As for the spring I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do… gonna start thinking about it more seriously once It’s A Wonderful Life is over.
My options of shows to audition for: Meet ME In St Louis, Curtains and Company.
I have been debating auditioning for Meet Me In St Louis for awhile. When I saw the movie I wasn’t too impressed with it but apparently the play is a little different from the movie so I guess we’ll have to see. It might be worth it to give something new a try and do Curtains or Company though I don’t know how good my chances would be of getting into either of those shows. Neither of which I have too much familiarity with. Clearly I have do some research the only song from Company I am famiiar with with is . I am not at all familiar with Curtains or any songs from it. If I decide not to audition for plays my back up options is to either join the Souhegan Valley Chorus or the Stage Coach Women’s Chorus. My work schedule conflicted which is why I couldn’t do it in the fall. We’ll see what happens with that. My top priority will be Princess K.I.M The Musical but I will need something to keep me busy in between. Even if I decide not to audition for these shows I will probably help out backstage in some capacity.
To keep up with the progress of Princess K.I.M The Musical please go here :

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I have been taking a voice class at the YMCA  since the middle of September and tonight was my recital.  Not gonna lie  I was not 100% prepared so  I was pretty nervous about doing well and messing up my song.   I sang God Bless The Broken Road by  Rascal Flatts.   I think  I did okay.  The YMCA   is  going to attempt to start their choir up again in January.  I haven’t decided if  I am going to join that though  because I was considering  joining  either Souhegan Valley Chorus or Stagecoach Women’s Choir.   I was waiting to save a little bit of money up  because Stagecoach Women’s Chorus has an entry fee that I couldn’t afford  for the fall semester. We’ll see what happens though.   I am trying not spread myself to thin in the spring time because  I want my main focus to be  Princess  K.IM. The Musical so  I need to keep my priorties straight.    The same thing goes for auditioning for plays too.  I was considering auditioning for Meet Me In St Louis (Amherst PTA), Curtains (Actorsingers) and Company (Stagecoach Productions)  but  I think it might be overkill to audition for three shows.  I suppose the more auditions  I get under my belt the better but still… Princess  K.I.M needs to be my main priority.


We’ll see what happens  right now  I have to get through Annie tech week.  This week willl be  exhausting  but I am very excited to work on my first show with Actorsingers. 🙂

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