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Moving to New York  may be a big future aspiration that I may work up to but it’s  good to start small. I really want to move to Portsmouth just for a change of scenery.”

I came across an old post I wrote the week before I graduated from NEC the other day. It’s interesting to see how much my thought process has changed since then. One notable thing that I said in the post was that maybe my paths away from college would lead me to living in New York City. I don’t know what my exact thought process was at the time but I would assume it had something to do with Broadway musicals and wanting to live  in the center of it all. Perhaps that was too overly ambitious or lofty thing to achieve. Moving to Portsmouth is a somewhat less lofty goal and seems more achievable.  I hope to do that eventually once we save up enough money to move out there.

Theatre remains my biggest passion as most people know and I hope to find a job where I can do what I love..which is actually consitent of three things theatre, writing and working with kids.  Right now I am doing  subbing in the Nashua School System on a per diem basis but I hope that will turn into something with  part or full time hours.   I often get frustrated when an audition for a play doesn’t go my way.  Michelle Emmond gave me advice awhile ago that said something about finding my theatre path which I try to keep in mind when an audition does not go my way.  I try to keep that in the back of my mind and also apply it to my job search which can get equally as frusturating and at some points discouraging. 

I suppose in theatre and in life it is important to keep trying and moving forward. The right role and the right job will fall into place at one point or another at which point the stars will be in perfect alignment. ūüėÄ

Happy Easter friends! ūüźį

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A few weeks ago when Jonatha drove me home from chorus rehearsal we were talking about how busy our schedules can get.  I have been debating if I want to audition for Into The Woods with Actorsingers in the fall and am pretty on the fence about it.  I haven’t had much luck with getting cast in Actorsingers shows in the past which makes me unsure if I want  to try out for Into The Woods. Right now it’s really too soon to make that descision as it is only March and the auditions are not until August. I also want to definitely do the Holiday Show at the Amato Center again this year but based on how hectic my schedule got a few years ago when I did It’s A Wonderful Life & Annie  at the same time it may not be the best choice to do two shows at the same time. I also found out that the fall show at the Amato Center is Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  I don’t typically audition for a lot of straight plays so I may end deciding to audition for that instead of Into The Woods or maybe depending on when the auditions are  I could audition for both shows and see what happens with the casting.

For right now….I think I am getting too far ahead of myself. As I said these auditions are not til August/September and it is now only March 9th.  Souhegan Valley Chorus and working backstage for CATS certainly keeps me on my toes for the time being. I am going to audition for the SVC showcase which looks to be a lot of fun.

In general though sometimes my schedule does get a bit too busy between work and all the various places I have to go. I feel like sometimes there is not enough balance between all the rushing around and time to relax.  That’s an ongoing goal I have for this year.   


One thing that has been keeping me busy is helping my mom promote her new book which is all about me. The book was released last week and we are having our release party on the 28th. We are also giving a lecture at the Amherst Town Library on the 25th on the book and how it came to fruition. The library lecture requires advance registration so call the library to reserve your spot, I am not sure how quickly spots will fill up for that. We hope to see you there. ūüėÉ

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Last semester in my brief stint with YMCA chorus our theme was Thankfulness and one of the songs we were singing was Thank You For The Music. This is my favorite song from the musical Mamma Mia.  March is Music In Our Schools Month and I felt I should talk a little bit about music. In 7th grade my Wells Speech was about music & the deep connections I have with it and the impact It has had on my life.

On the Oscars Lady Gaga did a mind blowing medley of songs from The Sound Of Music in honor of the 50th annniversary of the movie.  I  had never heard her sing like that ….not to mention she looked gorgeous. The Sound Of Music  has had a profound affect on me as it was the first movie musical I saw that  got me interested in musicals and musical theatre. To this day it is my favorite movie of all time. 

I think music is a universal language that everyone can relate to in some way, shape or form. If you think for a second about songs from musicals or just songs you hear on the radio there are songs out there that would fit this topic. Music has been an exceptionally huge part of my life. I starteed being involved in music in 3rd grade playing the drums in the school band. I would continue with that for 5 years. In 5th grade I joined chorus and haven’t stopped being involved since.   (With the exception of taking a break from singing in college) One thing that I have enjoyed about being involved in music & musical theatre over the past 19 years is the sense of friendship and family you build with whatever group your are performing with. I have fond memories of going on trips to New York & Disney World and memories I am making with The Amherst PTA, Actorsingers, Riverbend Youth Company and Souhegan Valley Chorus only continue to grow. 

As people know I am a huge fan of musicals however the scope of my musical interests does not simply settle on that. Over the years I have listened to pop, classic rock, jazz and classical and I have come across a song  in every genre that I have enjoyed listening to.   My friends have introduced me to groups such as The Fray,Panic! At The Disco, Dashboard Confessional & Washington Social Club.

“Without a song or a dance what are we so I say thank your for the music for giving it to me.” Thank You For The Music Mamma Mia

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AH!¬†¬† Here¬† we are again…¬†¬† my¬† NH¬† Theatre¬† Awards Summary Entry.¬†¬† Last night’s show was¬† great…. though¬† I have to admit sometimes¬† a bit¬† anticlimactic.¬† I love how the NHTAS¬† bring together all the different theatre companies from around the state.¬† I always try to make it a mission to try to get¬† to¬† some theatres¬† I’ve never gone to but my schedule does not allow it..¬† hopefully¬† this year¬† I’ll do a little research and see what shows are playing¬† where and then go.¬† This year¬†¬† I¬† did not get¬† a chance to make¬† predictions¬† like I normally would.¬† I’ve actually had a¬† bad¬† track record of predicting things… in the past couple of years only 2¬† PTA predictions have come out accurate.¬† I¬† decided to try¬† out not going into the awards show with any¬† pre-conceived¬† notions of who would win… and yet somehow I end up disappointed anyway.

Shows  I saw this year that were nominated


The Music Man   6 nominations   No  top 3  :(

Young Frankenstien   7 nominations     Top 3:  Music Director  Judy  Hayward  Best Supporting Actress  Top  3   Mia  Beradi and Rachel  Cerrullo     Winner:  Rachel   Cereullo    Best Supporting Actor  Eric  Skoglund

Stagecoach  Productions

Kiss Me Kate   5 nominations    1 Top  3   Best Actress  Sarah  Murai

Beyond  Therapy  Milford Area  Players   5  Nominations  1  top  3   Amy Agostino  Best Supporting  Actress

Let’s review¬† the past couple years of PTA nominations.¬†¬† I see a bit a trend developing here.

Please note also that I am only listing the shows I have been involved with   I  am not sure of the stats for anything earlier than 2011.

2011   The Music Man  7  nominations 3  top 3       Ashley won best Actress

2012  Oklahoma   8  Nominations  3 top 3       Nick Hammes  won best supporting actor

2013  Meet Me In St Louis   4  Nominations   Margaret  got top 3 for best actress  No   winners

2014¬†¬† Seussical¬†¬†¬† 7¬† Nominations¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Sophie got top 3 and¬† won for best¬† Actress.¬† So happy for her!!¬† I am disappointed that we weren’t quite¬† as successful in the other catergoies.¬†¬† I understand the adjudicators have to make a lot of tough descions¬† when they are picking the¬† winners¬† but¬†¬† I think¬† Seussical was¬† BY¬† FAR¬† the best¬† show that the PTA¬† has done in the past¬† 10 years¬† (aside from¬† Annie¬† and Oklahoma which were my¬†favorites for obvious reasons but there were lots of other great shows in between)¬†¬† and was really overlooked¬† in a lot of ways..¬† maybe¬† I have¬† my own bias and the adjudicators¬† have theirs but that’s just¬† how¬†¬† I feel.

Peacock  Players won  multiple awards for  Spring Awakening and The Addams  Family. Two shows  I wish  I had  seen.

Congratulations to  all top 3 nominees and winners!!

In general¬†¬† I think¬† that¬† there is a lot favoritism in the¬† Theatre Awards and a lot of the same companies win¬† every year which puts other groups at¬† a disadvantage.¬†¬†¬† I am not sure how many people feel the same way.¬†¬† I¬† also feel that¬†¬† being¬† adjudicated¬† for the PTA¬† puts a lot of¬† extra¬† stress on us to do a¬† good¬† job¬† which¬† sucks the enjoyment out of being in the play.¬† I’ve¬† felt this way¬† for¬† awhile and wonder¬† how many of my¬† cast mates feel the same way.¬† Recognition is well and good¬† but¬† our focus should be centered on¬† putting on a good show for¬† the community and raising money¬† for the Amherst Schools¬†¬† not winning awards.¬† Do¬† other people feel the same way or am¬†¬† I alone in feeling like this?

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I think¬† I need to take¬† a step¬† back for a second¬† reevaluate¬† how often¬† I will be updating this blog.¬† I am making more use of the Facebook page as a place to post reviews so¬† I question¬† I am going to keep the physical¬† blog up much longer.¬†¬† I will try¬† very¬† hard to update this blog at least once a week… twice¬† if¬† I go see a show and write a review.¬† I will also try to¬† review shows right away¬† after I see them¬†¬† instead of waiting so long¬†¬† between entries…¬† I¬† do despise keeping you all hanging.¬† Deepest¬† apologies for that.

Leading up to Saturday’s¬† NHTAs I have been¬† doing a top 20 countdown of favorite songs from shows¬† I have seen in the¬† past¬†year.¬† Some songs are from shows¬† that didn’t get nominated ( these are the snubs¬† I feel)

Videos  I have posted so far:

The countdown should  wrap up by  Thursday or Friday and the top 6  songs will be revealed  in my wrap up entry about the NHTAS  (Naturally you will see the videos on  Facebook  before then.)

#20  King Of New York   from Newsies     This was one of my favorite numbers from  the all dance production  of Groovin on  The Go  that  Jenn Brisebois directed for her senior  project.    I must remember to rent this movie again/    I have  not seen in  awhile.

#19  Too Darn  Hot   from  Kiss Me Kate     This show was not too long ago at the beginning of  December and was put on  by Stagecoach  Productions.     This show was directed   by  Joel  Iwaskewiz  Chreographed  by  Laura  Iwaskewiz and   music directed   by   the thrice nominated  Judy  Hayward.   This song  definitely  had me snapping a long.   I  like to introduce myself to a new show every year and this  one was one of my  favorites

#18 and¬† #11 Disneyland and Smile¬† from Smile The Musical¬†¬†¬† I do¬† admit that most of this countdown mostly¬†¬† does a huge amount of¬† sucking up to¬†¬† Riverbend Youth Company and Actorsingers.¬† These two¬†¬† are from¬† Smile¬† The Musical which was last spring’s¬† Riverbend Youth¬† Company¬† production.¬†¬†¬†I really¬† thought what made this show so unique is that is so unknown by¬† a lot of people which made all the more¬† fun to see.¬† A weclcome¬† change from shows that are done all the time such as Sound¬† Of¬† Music

#17  Attitude  Dance      Diversion #1 away from   showtunes.   One  thing    I really enjoy about  the  Jazz Nights at Souhegan is  the fact that   so many  jazz bands from many   different local schools perform.  This particular  song  was performed by   the  jazz band from   Manchester   High  School   West.

#16 and #13¬†¬† Good¬† Night¬† My Someone and¬† Shipoopi¬†¬†¬† from¬† The¬† Music¬† Man¬†¬† It was a¬† toss up between¬† Good Night My¬† Someoone and Til¬† There¬† Was You¬† two utterly¬† fantasic love songs… I am a¬† helpless¬† romantic¬† what can¬† I say?¬† Shipoopi is¬†¬† such¬† a fun¬† dance¬† number!

#15¬† Bend And Snap¬†¬†¬† Hands¬† down my favorite song from¬† Legally Blonde The Musical. This dance number was so fun to watch¬† and it’s hilarious to¬† boot

#14   Interplanet Janet  School House Rock  Jr   It was great to see this play after not  seeing it in such a long time.   I saw the  full version back in 1998 when the PTA  did.      My other  favorite songs from the show were   Do The Circulation,  UnPack Your  Adjectives and  Conjunction Junction.

#12¬† Minister’s Cat¬† Scrooge¬† The Musical¬†¬†¬† This¬† was a¬† very¬† fun scene and this song was a lot of fun.¬† The next song from Scrooge is in the top 5 but¬† I will¬† not tell you which one it is!

#10   Anything Goes  from Anything Goes       I love the  Riverbend Alumni Shows because it always fun to see the alumni come back during the summer and work with the current  high school students.   I have seen Anything  Goes  two other times but this was definitely my  favorite performance of it.  Anything  Goes   was  definitely  my favorite number in the show and deserved the standing ovation it received.

#9¬†¬† Fairytales¬† by Alex¬† Preston¬†¬†¬† American Idol fever swept through Amherst/MT¬† Vernon as Mt Vernon’s own¬† Alex¬† Preston¬†¬† took the show¬† by storm with his unique sound.¬†¬†¬† All his music is amazing and I can’t wait until his EP comes out.

#8   Translyvania Mania  Young  Frankenstien    Loved this song.. the music was catchy and  I wanted to get up and  dance along to it.

The biggest change you will note in this blog is¬† newspaper articles.¬†¬† Right now¬† I am¬† taking a break from¬† doing PR for theatre shows while¬† I¬† help my¬† mom promote her new book which is about me¬† growing up with a disability and being bullied.¬†¬† I am also taking this time¬†¬† to reevaluate weather or not¬† I still want to¬† PR.¬†¬†¬† Over the past¬† couple years¬† I’ve found¬† that¬†¬† I work¬† hard to¬† write articles and sometimes they¬† not¬† get published in the newspaper.¬† While there have¬† been some occasions¬† where space has been an issue¬† it just gets so frustrating that¬† I spend so much time doing interviews and then my¬† work does not get¬† published.¬†¬†¬†Other times it does get¬† published¬† but it doesn’t get name¬†credit which¬†¬†¬†also perturbs me.¬†¬† I know this probably is not a good selling point¬† for¬† wanting to do publicity¬† stuff with other theatre companies ( I am not only talking about PTA either) but¬†¬† I just feel like it’s a lack of respect for the¬† hard work I¬† do to not get name credit in the paper.¬†¬†¬† I may change my mind about doing PR by¬†¬† the fall but we will see what happens with that.

One goal¬† I’ve set for¬† myself is to try¬† something new¬† with backstage work.¬† That¬† is already¬† going to be¬† accomplished because I am¬† Assistant¬† Sound Designer for the PTA play CATS.¬†¬†¬† Initally¬† I was not even excited about doing CATS¬† because¬† it’s not my favorite show ever but¬† I can’t wait for this new experience!¬†¬† I also want to try assistant stage managing eventually or something new in the¬† front of house¬†or production team capacity.¬† We’ll see what happens with that.

Stay  tuned  for my theatre awards wrap up later this weekend!!    Also enjoy the  Super Bowl!    Go  PATS!

Happy New Year everyone.  Be safe in the storm!

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Ok, so¬† open admittance¬†¬† I do a really crappy¬† job of updating this blog… though on occasion¬† I did post reviews directly to¬† the¬† Facebook¬†¬†page for this blog which works the same way.¬† One¬†of my new years resolutions is to do a better job with updating.. this also¬† depends¬† on how¬†busy¬† I am because¬†¬† I am once again on the job¬†¬†hunt and that is my main focus right now.¬†¬† I wanted to do a year in review post of all the shows¬† I saw in 2014.¬†¬†¬†¬† It was a great year.¬†¬† I took a picture¬†of all the playbills¬† I have saved… there are some missing¬† because my box was too full¬† and¬† I had to¬†throw some away¬†once¬† I wrote the review.

February was¬† a pretty¬†busy¬†viewing month¬† as¬† I saw¬† Groovin On The and Almost Maine and¬†in¬†March¬† I saw¬† Peter Pan at Nashua South, The One Act Play Festival at the Amato Center¬† Grease at Pentucket Regional High School¬† (my cousin¬† Olivia was a pink lady)¬† Beyond¬† Therapy¬† and¬† The Producers..¬†¬† I will get to listing NHTA Awards later.¬†¬†¬†¬† The NHTA¬† nominations¬†¬† were released on December 19th and¬† I am excited for all the shows¬† I¬† saw or was involved with that got nominated.. we’ll get to the nominations at the end.

Seussical   In  April  I was in my 4th play with the PTA.   As people know  I had a lot of personal connection to the  story  of this show.  If you read the  chapter Exit  Music in my  character anaylsis fanfiction you will  see what  I mean.  I love my PTA family! That is all.

Smile  The thing  I liked best about this musical was that it is not very well known  unlike the musicals that are done all the time (ie Sound Of Music, Wizard of Oz etc)    Riverbend Youth Company always  done fantastic with their shows and this one as well as Little Shop of Horrors and Scrooge  were no exception.   My favorite songs were  Disneyland, Shine and Smile.

ISL¬†Every summer¬† I go to Meredith NH¬† to go see a show at Interlakes Summer Theatre.¬† This summer my the junior version of my¬† mother’s Princess K.I.M.¬† Play which was excellently done by the¬† Junior Intern Company.¬† I saw Miss Saigon and The Wiz put on¬† by the adult company.¬†¬† Miss Saigon was not¬† one of my favorite musicals…¬† I have to be honest.¬† I found to be kind of depressing and there were very¬† few songs that stood out to me. The Wiz was fantastic and my favorite songs are definitely¬† Ease On Down The Road,¬† Y’All Got It and¬† No Bad News.

AugustShows¬† The Riverbend Youth¬† Company¬† Summer shows this year were¬† The Little Mermaid¬† Jr and Anything¬† Goes.¬†¬†¬† Probably my favorite two shows of the year¬† by far!!¬†¬†¬† I had never seen¬† The Little Mermaid on stage before so¬† I was super excited that RYC selected¬† it for their summer show.¬† This show was student directed¬† by¬†¬† Katy Osterholtz music directed by Megan Dillon and choreographed by¬† Meghan McKnight.¬† Anything Goes was the alumni show which features the talents of all¬† the¬† current high school students and¬† college students who are home for¬† the summer.¬† My favorite musical numbers included¬† Friendship, Blow Gabriel Blow, Anything¬† Goes, ¬†You’re The Top and¬† I Get A Kick Out¬† Of You,¬† I really look forward to the summer show this¬† year! :)

Dracula In  October I worked backstage for Passion For Dracula with  Milford Area Players. This was snubbed by the  NHTAs unfortunately and I am a little upset about that. Very excited  for everyone involved in Beyond Therapy that was nominated. This show had a good mix of funny and emotional scenes  which   I really liked  a lot.

photo_1 (11)¬†One¬† of¬† the¬† funniest shows¬† I think¬†¬†¬† I saw this year!¬†¬†¬† Lots of great¬† dance numbers including¬†¬† Transylvania¬† Mania¬† and¬† Roll¬† In¬† The¬† Hay.¬†¬† All¬†¬† nominations¬†¬† for¬† this show were so¬† well¬† deserved.¬†¬† Congrats to all!!¬†¬†¬†¬† Missing from the¬† line¬† up of playbills is the¬† one from¬† Music Man which is also up for numerous¬† NHTA nominations!¬† I can’t wait until¬† the 31st to see who will win!

Scrooge¬†A Christmas¬† Carol¬† is one¬† of my favorite holiday¬†and¬† Scrooge¬† is a¬† wonderful¬† musical retelling.¬† This¬† was directed by Liz Moore, Musical Directed by¬† Brian Moore and choreographed by¬† Madison¬† Calabria.¬† My¬† favorite musical numbers¬† were¬†¬† December The 25th, Minister’s¬† & Thank You¬† Very Much.

ALSO   Congrats to   Liz and Brian  Moore on the arrival of their son Royce in early December!   He is adorable!!

MOBMHS¬†On¬† November 20th¬†¬†¬†¬† I saw¬† Moon Over Buffalo at¬† Milford¬† High School.¬† When¬†¬† I heard they¬† were doing it¬†¬† I was¬† super excited.¬†¬† I saw this show in¬†¬† Fall 2012 at¬† Manchester¬† Community¬† Theatre Players¬† and¬†¬† I couldn’t stop laughing¬† the¬† whole time.¬†¬† The¬†¬† same thing was the case this time!¬†¬†¬†¬† Kayla¬† Bullwinkel and¬† Lily¬† Ayotte¬† gave¬† the¬† most hysterical performances but¬† the whole cast was talented. Congrats to all! KissMeKate¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We wrap up¬† the 2014 viewing schedule with¬†¬† Kiss¬† Me Kate at Stagecoach¬† Productions.¬†¬† This show¬† was directed by Joel Iwaskewiz, Choreographed my Laura¬† Iwaskewi & music directed¬† by¬† Judy¬† Hayward. Lots of¬†¬† great songs in this show including¬† Another Openin¬† Another Show, I am Ashamed That Women¬† Are So¬† Simple,¬† I¬† Hate Men and Too Darn Hot.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Congrats to everyone involved¬† on a great show and your NHTA nominAmatoCenterChristmasShows¬†¬† I¬†¬† was in the¬†¬† Christmas show at the Amato Center for the second time¬† in a row this year and hope to make it an annual tradition. This year we did two one act plays called¬† Carol’s Christmas and Jingle¬† Bell Jury.¬†¬† The great thing about this show is that¬† I get to work so many of¬† my PTA friends during the off season and also get to work with¬† new people.¬†¬† My friend Jeff¬†¬† made his acting¬† debut in the Christmas shows and I hope this¬† the first of many times we work together on¬† a show.¬†¬† The thing¬†¬† I like best about the Christmas plays is how it brings families together in the spirit of¬† the holidays.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† To me the holiday season is not really about presents but being around people you love.¬† Thank you¬†¬† to everyone who came to the show and everyone also who sent me candy grams..,, many were not signed so¬† I¬† cannot personally thank¬† them.¬† Your support means a lot to me.¬† :)

I also joined the  Souhegan Valley Chorus this year and am  so happy that  I did!

2014 was an awesome year of theatre and  I have no doubt that 2015  will   be  much  of the same.  Happy  New Year to all!

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Full  List of Nominees for NHTA top 10 can be found here

What a delightful early Christmas present to find out that Seuessical was  nominated for 7 New Hampshire Theatre Awards!   So  blessed to be part of cast and production team made  up of so many talented people.   Blessed also to  be part of the New Hampshire theatre  community and see so many amazing shows through out the year.  Congratulations to all theatre companies throughout the state  who were nominated.  :Looking forward to January 31st and finding out who wins.

A year in review


Beyond Therapy  Milford Area Players

Best  Production Drama Comedy

Best Director  Vick Bennison

Best Actor Kevin Linkroum

Best  Actress Sarah Lord

Best Supporting Actress Amy Agostino



Best Production   Community

Best Director Robin Lacroix

Best  Actor  Jonathan Edelbleut     Cat In The Hat

Best Actress Sophie Linkroum    Gertrude McFuzz

Best Supporting Actress  Ashley Hughes Swanson  Mayzie

Best  Costume Design  Paula Troie

Best Set Design Mike McKnight


The Music Man Actorsingers

Best Production Community

Best  Actor Michael Coppolla as Harold Hill

Best Actress Caity Glover as Marian Paroo

Best  Music Director   Jed Holland

Best Choreographer  Martha Daniels Holland


Legally Blonde The Musical  Teen Actorsingers

Best Production Youth

Best  Actress Youth Susan Dudka as Elle Woods

Best  Actor Youth   Sean Fitzgerald as Emmett Foresst

Best Supporting Actress Youth  Jill Tokac as Paulette

Best Chreograpgher   Brinttey  Lynne Stanley


Young Frankenstien  Actorsingers

Best Production

Best Director  Paul Metzger

Best Musical  Director  Judy  Hayward  (also nominated for Kiss Me Kate and Jesus Christ Superstar with Stagecoach Productions)

Best  Actor   Marc  Murai

Best  Supporting  Actor   Eric Skoglund and Stuart Harmon

Best  Actress Sarah Souter

Best Supporting Actress Rachel  Cerullo  &  Mia Beradi

Best Choreographer   Donna O Bryant Metzger

Best Costume Designer   Lindsey Vago

Best ¬† Sound Design ¬† Mike O’Keefe

Best Lighting Designer   Craig Brennen, Dennis Schnieder, Rick Brooks


Kiss Me Kate  Stagecoach Productions

Best Production

Best Actress  Sarah Murai

Shows that should have gotten nominated:

Almost Maine Peacock Players

Schoohouse Rock Jr  Actorsingers Youth

Smile Riverbend Youth Company

Little Shop of Horrors   Riverbend Youth Comapny

Passion For Dracula Milford Area Players

Scrooge The Musical Riverbend Youth Company

The Producers   Palace Theatre


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