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Friday night I went to the senior cabaret at Peacock Players. This was a salute to all the seniors who are graduating high school and it was a wonderful way to send them off. They had some slide show presenations and a scholarship award for the Jared Nathan Memorial Scholarship. I got emotional a few times.. once during the presentation of the scholarship because I knew Jared and he was truly an inspirational person. I am so glad the scholarship is given out every year and feel it represents what he stood for very well. Trisha Mahoney and Joe Reault got the award. There was a great variety of songs performed that night including Someone Else’s Story from Chess, Leavin’s Not The Only Way To Go from Big River, Fly Away (Never Never Land) from Dreaming Wide Awake, A Way Back To Then from Title of Show and Astonishing from Little Women. I think I will probably be buying a lot of these songs on itunes!! :)

My co star from the PTA play Olivia Vordenberg has been involved in Peacock Playeres for a couple of years. I think out of all the people who graduated from the PTA play group I am probably going to miss her the most. I am really so happy to have gotten to know her through working on the plays. She is an amazing person and I know she will do great things after high school.

Congrats to all Peacock Players, Riverbend Youth Company and PTA seniors. Seize the day class of 2014.

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Summer has arrived.. still missing my PTA crew but looking forward to the karaoke party at Jasper Valley in August. I am sort of bummed because I found out about a month ago that they couldn’t get the rights to Beauty and The Beast so next year’s PTA play is going to be CATS. I think no matter what the show should be very fun to work on. So yes… let’s get jellicle. :)

Also congratulations to all the PTA seniors who graduated last night. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to know all of you in the past couple years and will miss working with you a great deal. Congrats class of 2014.

I ultimately decided not to audition for Sound of Music in Manchester because of distance. I will definitley go to see the show though. In between now and auditions I will be working backstage for the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni production of Anything Goes at the beginning of August. I am looking forward to trying something new this year and assistant stage managing. Right now I am deciding between auditioning for Young Frakentstien with Actorsingers and Kiss Me Kate with Stagecoach Productions. I am pretty used to auditioning for both of these companies by now so I know what to expect. Hopefully my luck will change this time around. I am also going to audition for the Holiday Show at the Amato Center. They are doing one act plays this year and that should be lot of fun. :)

My choir concerts for the YMCA Chorus are coming up on June 23rd and June 29th.   I do hope people will come.   We have a wonderful line up of Broadway tunes.    I have included a link below to   our poster which has all the information about showtimes and locations.

I think the biggest challenge with promoting the Y  choir  is the fact that  Music and Art classes are not the first thing people think about when they think about the YMCA. When people sign up for classes they don’t immediately think  “Oh  hey,   I’m going to  join  choir or take voice lessons.”  The thing  most people associate with the YMCA is fitness.   This is why we seem to be running into issues with getting people to join the chorus.  Currently our choir  has 8 members and we are hoping to get more people to join for the fall semester that starts in September.   I think that being in this choir has really helped me to grow as a performer but at this point  I am ready to be part of a bigger performing group and sing more challenging songs.  This fall   I am planning to join the Souhegan Valley Chorus and  I am pretty excited.  For awhile  I will attempt to do  both choirs but if my schedule  ends up getting too confusing with too many overlapping rehearsals and performances   I may just stick with SVC.



Happy summer friends!!

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 2 show weekends.  Both shows end their runs today and they were fantastic. 

Friday night  I took my mom to see Smile at the Amato Center for a Mother’s Day present.  I make it a goal to try to introduce myself to a new show and I was happy that I chose this one.  This is set in 1985  at   the Young American Miss Beauty Pageant in Santa Rosa California.     What was great about this show is that it’s not very well known and not really done a lot by other theaters so it was a welcome change of pace for me then seeing a show that is done more frequently such as Grease,Chicago or Annie.   This show was a great mix of  funny and touching moments.  Standout performances were by  Alyssa Lederhos, Max Barnaby,  John Sheridan, Meghan McKnight and Nicole  Sprague. Congrats to cast crew and production team on a wonderful show!! 

Smile ran at the Amato Center May 8th-11th and was directed by Elizabeth Moore, music directed by Brian Moore and choreographed  by  Liz Calabria. 

Last night I saw Music Man at Actorsingers with Sonya and Matt.  I had to refrain from making too many comparisons to the production  I was in  with the Amherst PTA   3 years ago.   Like most  Actorsigers shows this  cast  was comprised of a diverse group of talented people.  Aside from the   Quartet and the Pickalittle Ladies  standouts were  Cayden  Plummer as Winthrop Paroo,  Andrew Holland as Tommy Diljas, Katie Tocci as Zaneeta Shinn.  My favorite musical numbers are Shipoopi. Til There Was You, Goodnight My Someone, Gary Indiana  and  My White  Knight.    The chase scene at the end of the play always seems to strike me as  a very emotional scene because  it is when  the realization comes to light for everyone in the audience that Marain and Harold are in love with each other.   

Great job to everyone in  Music Man on  a wonderful production.

Music Man  ran at Keefe Auditiorium at Elm Street Junior High School in Nashua from May 9th-11th  and was directed by  Kathy Lovering, music directed by  Jed Holland and  choreographed by Martha Daniels Holland. 


Still searching for song suggestions for my fall auditions.  I have more time to prepare then  I thought because  all the auditions are in August and September.  I have a feeling some auditions may overlap.  Sound of Music auditions  have not been announced yet but are at the end of August.  Young Frankenstien auditions are August 10th and Kiss Me Kate auditions   are sometime in early September.  Most likely I am going to audition for  ensemble for Kiss Me Kate and Young Frakentstien.   I am an alto but can  sing some  soprano parts. Thanks Friends! 

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Hello!  I have not posted a note worthy update in quite  a long while,  Lots to talk about.  Quite a few shows to review!

First of all  I wanted to talk about my trip to California.  It was a nice mini vacation filled with sight seeing and of course my sister’s awards presentation.  Her documentary won an award for highlighting people with disabilities and she got a scholarship!!  I couldn’t be prouder of her.  If you have not watched the documentary yet check it out here.  http://vimeo.com/66667353

Lots of ground to cover with reviews too!! Wow  I am so behind again!

March 30th  I went to the see The Producers at The Palace Theatre in  Manchester. It  is by far one of my favorite musicals and so incredibly funny.   Favorite songs include  That Face,   I Want To Be  A Producer and  Keep It Gay.   Notable performances were by Stuart Harmon, Erin Sullivan, Marc Willis and Brendan Malafronte.  Great job to cast and crew on a wonderful  performance!

Before I left for California  I went to the Jazz Night at Souhegan.  I always enjoy going to these concerts  because there is always such  a great variety of music and I am always introduced to something new.  The  concert featured  the  Amherst   Middle School Jazz Band, The Manchester West Jazz Band, The  Alvirne High School Jazz Band, SHS Jazz  Band and META Beat  a Beatles Cover Band.  Favorite songs were  Watermelon Man (AMS),  Attitude  Dance (Manchester West), Sweet Home Chicago  (Alvirne) and Almost Like Being In Love (SHS)   Meta Beat was pretty awesome!    Good  luck to Jason Emmond, Dan O’Dowd and the rest of the seniors on your post high school endeavors. 

Saturday night  I went to the  Souhegan Valley Chorus Concert   A  Night On Broadway.  I am really hoping to join this chorus in the fall.   There was lots of good variety in the songs and my favorites were  Unusual Way,  Beauty and The Beast, Always Look On The Bright Side of Life, Many A New Day and Climb  Every Mountain     Great job to all!! :)


Upcoming shows  I will be seeing/ reviewing   Music Man Actorsingers, SHS Spring Concert

Summer  Viewing Schedule

* Ushering

June 8th  Straw Hat Revue  New London Barn Playhouse

July 9th  American  Idol Concert  Bank  North Pavilion   Boston MA 

July 17th  Princess K.I.M.  The Musical   Interlakes Summer Theatre  JR Interns

August 3  A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Shakespeare In The Park

*August 8  Anything Goes Riverbend Youth Co 

*August 15 Little Mermaid  Jr YouTheatre

August 17th  The Wiz Interlakes Summer Theatre 


Upcoming Auditions

July  Sound Of Music   Manchester Community Theatre Players Exact dates  have  not been announced yet 

August 10th Young Frankentstein Actorsingers

September  Kiss Me Kate  Stagecoach Productions  Exact dates haven’t been announced yet

October Milford Area Players/ Riverbend Youth Company Holiday Show   1 Act Plays

Looking for song suggestions for  my auditions for SOM, Young Frakenstien and Kiss Me Kate.  For roles I am considering one of the nuns or the Baroness     For Young Frakenstien I haven’t really decided on what role I am auditioning for yet.  For  Kiss Me Kate learning toward ensemble.  I am an alto but can sing  some soprano parts. 

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Seussical is over! Best PTA Play i’ve ever been involved with .. top rated 10!!! So happy to back with this group after taking a year off after launching Princess K.I.M. The Musical. Looking so forward to Beauty and The Beast next year.
I also should mention that if you really think long and hard about Horton Hears A Who it in very relevant to the current societal ways of bullying. As Demi observes through out the story the jungle creatures are not very understanding about the Whos and basically think Horton is insane wiihout even knowing the whole story about Whoville. As the songs say the they think “he is talking to a speck of dust.” Gertrude is the only person who truly believes in Horton and the fact that Whos exist. Another thing I noticed is that I can relate to Gertrude’s character that I can relate to her in a lot of ways. In high school I was often the odd one out in relationships. I was very much like Gertrude because she is shy around Horton and not sure how to express her feelings for him. Mayzie is a representation of all the popular girls in high school that I often envied… in this case it was more the case of Abercombie and Fitch clothes then long flowing colorful tails. I was also bullied in high school and often teased for being different because of my learning disabilities so I can relate to how Horton is hurt by being judged by the jungle creatures.

People may have different views of how they see this story unfold and this is mine. I hope that my analysis is relevant to the way society is today. While I’m not sure that is what Dr. Seuss was aiming for with the story Horton Hears A Who that’s what I got out of this show. To me this is about accepting people’s differences which is what the characters do by the end of the play.

Thank you to the PTA for an awesome and powerful experience. This show will stick with me for a long time. While not very many of the seniors did the play this year I also wanted to give a shout out to them. It has been awesome to work with you all in the past 4 years and I wish you all the best of luck in college. Thanks for sharing your talents both on stage and behind. :)

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 So   this has been a very busy winter for me.  I will actually be very happy to  relax once Seussical is over.  I think I sort of over committed myself to doing too many publicity projects at once and my head was spinning for quite awhile.  Aside from helping the PTA with publicity for Seussical  I also helped promote the Nancy O Fund St Patrick’s  Day fundraiser Windham Actors Guild and volunteered at AMS in February to help teach the middle school Theatre department  kids about interviewing people and writing articles.  While I am certainly happy to help out as many people as I can with doing publicity next year  I think  I need to  spread my time out  more evenly so  I don’t have so many deadlines piling up on each other at once.   System overload!    All of it is worthwhile in the end of course.  It’s just a matter of learning to balance things out better for the next time.


Seussical is really coming together. Sunday  we had a run through of Act II.  I am excited to be doing full run throughs next week…especially with props and sets.     The costumes look fantastic!  I am in Who family #6… pink!!      I think my favorite songs in Seussical  are  Notice Me Horton, All For You and  Solla Sollew.    I am usually really good about updating this blog during the rehearsal process  but  things have been pretty busy between  work. rehearsals, practicing music and dance outside of rehearsals and job searching.      After the show is over I am looking forward to going to California.  My sister’s documentary Following Flame is nominated for an Emmy in the category for  college documentaries.  I  am so excited!!  :)


I  missed the adjudicator training for the NHTAS.   Oh well, next year.   I always seem to have schedule conflicts when the trainings happen and the weather did not really help too much either.  While I think  being an adjudicator would be a very interesting experience for me  there’s something  that kind of  nags at me about that whole process.    I have gone to the awards for five years now.. my first time going was in 2009 and I always enjoy going.   I sometimes feel the NHTAs are too political. This can get very annoying.    Granted there are so many  theatre groups in this state  made up of  talented actors and technicians. I am happy to know so many talented people both youth and adult as   I have been  involved with a few different companies  over the years.     I guess  I am still trying to understand how the adjudication process works but   I definitely think there is a lot of favoritism going on  which makes things  sort of unfair for certain companies. I’m sure I mustn’t be alone in feeling this way.   Maybe I’m just a little bit bitter because  I was hoping the PTA would do better this year.  I am happy for the people who did win though!    :)    Also   while   I certainly am happy that our shows get the recognition that they do by the NHTAS I sometimes feel that we are put under extra pressure  because the show is being adjudicated.  That kind of sucks the enjoyment out of things  to a certain degree.  Not going to lie. 

For the most part  though  I can’t really complain that much..  I love the PTA plays.  :)


To make reference back to my post from last year that  was short reflection  about going to  the Strictly  Music Show at Souhegan.   I have thought a lot about  that experience more recently.  It was really   eye opening for me because it made me realize that while Souhegan is my home base   I don’t really know  a huge majority of kids who still go there.  As the years progress forward and I get older   I realize sure those concerts were fun to go in high school but now its weird because   last year Sonya and I were the only non- high school kids at that concert.    As much  as I hate to admit it  I kind of feel the same way when  I go to plays at SHS.  The small amount of kids  I know in the theatre department have either done shows with Riverbend Youth Company or have been in PTA Plays with me.   Going to the shows is not really a problem for me. The shows are still great and enjoyable.  The current group of kids is continuously  impressive with their talent.   No complaints there. Generally speaking  it’s just odd for me to go to anything at Souhegan because I’m so much older than a lot of the kids who go there. I’m like a fish out of water.   Many of this year’s seniors were in 2nd grade when  I was a senior.  Aside from the kids  I know from the play most of the kids  I know who are seniors are siblings of my sister’s friends.    I go to sports game to mostly support kids  I know from the play who play  sports.  As the years go by  I’ll start to know less and less kids at Souhegan and I’ll feel even more and more out of  place at  these events. Will that mean  I’ll stop going to them?  I’m not sure yet.  It’s quite likely

 In 10 or 15 years this won’t make too much of  a difference. Right now though it’s something I think about a lot.   

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I was definitely right when I said this show would be epically amazing. I am so happy to be back with the PTA this year after taking a year of last year to launch Princess K.I.M. The Musical. I really haven’t gotten the time to sit down and write long detailed post about how rehearsals have been going but bottom line is this has probably been my favorite show to work on. The music is so much fun to sing.. costumes amazing as always… so colorful!! Yesterday we practiced the finale number and it’s probably my favorite number in the whole show.

Also I retract my previous statement about this year being my last PTA Play. I will definitely be back for Beauty and The Beast. :0)

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