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Seussical is over! Best PTA Play i’ve ever been involved with .. top rated 10!!! So happy to back with this group after taking a year off after launching Princess K.I.M. The Musical. Looking so forward to Beauty and The Beast next year.
I also should mention that if you really think long and hard about Horton Hears A Who it in very relevant to the current societal ways of bullying. As Demi observes through out the story the jungle creatures are not very understanding about the Whos and basically think Horton is insane wiihout even knowing the whole story about Whoville. As the songs say the they think “he is talking to a speck of dust.” Gertrude is the only person who truly believes in Horton and the fact that Whos exist. Another thing I noticed is that I can relate to Gertrude’s character that I can relate to her in a lot of ways. In high school I was often the odd one out in relationships. I was very much like Gertrude because she is shy around Horton and not sure how to express her feelings for him. Mayzie is a representation of all the popular girls in high school that I often envied… in this case it was more the case of Abercombie and Fitch clothes then long flowing colorful tails. I was also bullied in high school and often teased for being different because of my learning disabilities so I can relate to how Horton is hurt by being judged by the jungle creatures.

People may have different views of how they see this story unfold and this is mine. I hope that my analysis is relevant to the way society is today. While I’m not sure that is what Dr. Seuss was aiming for with the story Horton Hears A Who that’s what I got out of this show. To me this is about accepting people’s differences which is what the characters do by the end of the play.

Thank you to the PTA for an awesome and powerful experience. This show will stick with me for a long time. While not very many of the seniors did the play this year I also wanted to give a shout out to them. It has been awesome to work with you all in the past 4 years and I wish you all the best of luck in college. Thanks for sharing your talents both on stage and behind. :)

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 So   this has been a very busy winter for me.  I will actually be very happy to  relax once Seussical is over.  I think I sort of over committed myself to doing too many publicity projects at once and my head was spinning for quite awhile.  Aside from helping the PTA with publicity for Seussical  I also helped promote the Nancy O Fund St Patrick’s  Day fundraiser Windham Actors Guild and volunteered at AMS in February to help teach the middle school Theatre department  kids about interviewing people and writing articles.  While I am certainly happy to help out as many people as I can with doing publicity next year  I think  I need to  spread my time out  more evenly so  I don’t have so many deadlines piling up on each other at once.   System overload!    All of it is worthwhile in the end of course.  It’s just a matter of learning to balance things out better for the next time.


Seussical is really coming together. Sunday  we had a run through of Act II.  I am excited to be doing full run throughs next week…especially with props and sets.     The costumes look fantastic!  I am in Who family #6… pink!!      I think my favorite songs in Seussical  are  Notice Me Horton, All For You and  Solla Sollew.    I am usually really good about updating this blog during the rehearsal process  but  things have been pretty busy between  work. rehearsals, practicing music and dance outside of rehearsals and job searching.      After the show is over I am looking forward to going to California.  My sister’s documentary Following Flame is nominated for an Emmy in the category for  college documentaries.  I  am so excited!!  :)


I  missed the adjudicator training for the NHTAS.   Oh well, next year.   I always seem to have schedule conflicts when the trainings happen and the weather did not really help too much either.  While I think  being an adjudicator would be a very interesting experience for me  there’s something  that kind of  nags at me about that whole process.    I have gone to the awards for five years now.. my first time going was in 2009 and I always enjoy going.   I sometimes feel the NHTAs are too political. This can get very annoying.    Granted there are so many  theatre groups in this state  made up of  talented actors and technicians. I am happy to know so many talented people both youth and adult as   I have been  involved with a few different companies  over the years.     I guess  I am still trying to understand how the adjudication process works but   I definitely think there is a lot of favoritism going on  which makes things  sort of unfair for certain companies. I’m sure I mustn’t be alone in feeling this way.   Maybe I’m just a little bit bitter because  I was hoping the PTA would do better this year.  I am happy for the people who did win though!    :)    Also   while   I certainly am happy that our shows get the recognition that they do by the NHTAS I sometimes feel that we are put under extra pressure  because the show is being adjudicated.  That kind of sucks the enjoyment out of things  to a certain degree.  Not going to lie. 

For the most part  though  I can’t really complain that much..  I love the PTA plays.  :)


To make reference back to my post from last year that  was short reflection  about going to  the Strictly  Music Show at Souhegan.   I have thought a lot about  that experience more recently.  It was really   eye opening for me because it made me realize that while Souhegan is my home base   I don’t really know  a huge majority of kids who still go there.  As the years progress forward and I get older   I realize sure those concerts were fun to go in high school but now its weird because   last year Sonya and I were the only non- high school kids at that concert.    As much  as I hate to admit it  I kind of feel the same way when  I go to plays at SHS.  The small amount of kids  I know in the theatre department have either done shows with Riverbend Youth Company or have been in PTA Plays with me.   Going to the shows is not really a problem for me. The shows are still great and enjoyable.  The current group of kids is continuously  impressive with their talent.   No complaints there. Generally speaking  it’s just odd for me to go to anything at Souhegan because I’m so much older than a lot of the kids who go there. I’m like a fish out of water.   Many of this year’s seniors were in 2nd grade when  I was a senior.  Aside from the kids  I know from the play most of the kids  I know who are seniors are siblings of my sister’s friends.    I go to sports game to mostly support kids  I know from the play who play  sports.  As the years go by  I’ll start to know less and less kids at Souhegan and I’ll feel even more and more out of  place at  these events. Will that mean  I’ll stop going to them?  I’m not sure yet.  It’s quite likely

 In 10 or 15 years this won’t make too much of  a difference. Right now though it’s something I think about a lot.   

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I was definitely right when I said this show would be epically amazing. I am so happy to be back with the PTA this year after taking a year of last year to launch Princess K.I.M. The Musical. I really haven’t gotten the time to sit down and write long detailed post about how rehearsals have been going but bottom line is this has probably been my favorite show to work on. The music is so much fun to sing.. costumes amazing as always… so colorful!! Yesterday we practiced the finale number and it’s probably my favorite number in the whole show.

Also I retract my previous statement about this year being my last PTA Play. I will definitely be back for Beauty and The Beast. :0)

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Forget about  pens and brackets.. this year I am doing something completely different  March Theatre Madness.   Schedule and budget does not allow me to see every show however I have seen 4 in the past couple days.

March 7th  School House Rock Live Jr.  Junior Actorsingers.  This show was short sweet and very enjoyable.  I remember watching School House Rock videos in English class in middle school and my favorite songs were always  Conjunction  Junction, Unpack Your Adjectives and Do The Circulation.  Stand out performances were by  Ben Morton Darcy Hinckle and Nicole  Plummer.  I should mention that Interplanet Janet should probably be updated since Pluto is no longer a planet.    School House Rock Live ran at Court St Theatre  March 7-9th. Great  job to everyone!

March 13th   Riverbend School of Theatre Arts  1 Act Play Festival.   I always look forward to going to this every year and am always impressed by the  talented of the student written plays.  This year’s theme was  On The Theme of Faith and the four plays were  The Twilight  Warrior   Written and directed  by Gabe Garcia,  Myth of Demarcus  written and directed by  Gage Turgeon and Woody Stockwell,  Rosie  Written and Directed by  Nicole Sprague and  Assistant Directed by Ellie Sacco  and Comedy  Written and directed  by Devon Labonte.  Notable performances were by  Sheriff (Matt Barnaby), Sven (Matt Campbell), King  (Max Barnaby),  and Queen  (Hannah Garcia) in The Twilight Warrior,  Gwen  (83) ( Cassidy White), Zac Barnaby ( Demarcus age 7),  Max  Barnaby (Demarcus age 15),  Eva Stine (Gwen age 15). Matt Campbell  (Demarcus age 27) and Sarina White  ( Gwen Age 27)  in Myth of Demarcus  Adi Brezinski (Rosie) and Ethan Reeves  (Patient) in Rosie and  Tony  ( Jonathan Edelbleut)  Chad (Ethan Reeves) and Phil (Stephen Edeilbluet) in  Comedy.   Myth of Demarcus was very powerful and emotional and  Comedy was hysterical.  The One Act Play Festival was performned  at the Amato Center for The Performing Arts on March 13th and 14th.

March 14th  Peter Pan Nashua South   I was a bit late arriving to this  but  I was grateful not to miss too much of it.    Once again  I was impressed by the talent of the Nashua High School  theatre performers as they transported us to Never Land.   Favorite musical numbers were  I Won’t Grow  Up, Distant Melody, Hook’s Waltz and Tender Shepard.   Notable performances were  by  Samantha Ricard (Wendy). Sarah Drake (Peter Pan), Tiger Lilly (Gabby Foster) and Captain Hook (Sean Vignealt)   Peter Pan runs for two more performances tonight at 7:30 and tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm.   Great  job to cast crew and production team on a wonderful show.

March 15th Grease Pentucket  High School Last night I went to see Grease at my cousin Olivia’s high school. She was one of the pink ladies. Grease has always been one of my favorite musicals and I really enjoyed this production. My favorite musical numbers were We Go Together, Born To Hand Jive and Beauty School Dropout. Great job to the cast and crew!

Souhegan raised their ticket prices this year to $15. While I understand the reason why they had to be raised  I don’t think  I will be going to see the show this year because of budget constraints.  I am bummed to be missing it because I was really excited to see it,   In general  I think $15 is kind of expensive for a high school show.   Am  I alone and thinking this or do people agree?

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 As people know I got laid off from the Cabinet in July and no longer do any freelance work for them. Despite this I would still like to help   local theatre groups with PR  whenever I can.     I would be willing to help with writing articles for a small  stipend. Please feel free to contact me to discuss pricing.  Thank you!


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For the past couple weeks I have been mentoring the kids in the publicity  department  in the Amherst Middle School Theatre Club.  Here is the article that we worked on together which will be in  the Milford Cabinet and Amherst Citizen.     Thank  you to Jen Stover and Kim  Kirk for this opportunity. The kids were so great to work with.  :) I would also like to apologize for the foresight in leaving the show dates and times out of the articles. Performances are at Amherst Middle School March 14th-16th. Evening performance are at 7:30pm and matinees at 2pn. Please come support these hardworking kids! :)

My Son Pinocchio Jr to celebrate 10 years of  Amherst Middle School Theatre Club Productions

by Janine Leffler

This year the Amherst Middle School Theatre Club will  celebrate it’s  10 year anniversary.   Their production this year is My Son Pinocchio Jr which is the story of  the Disney classic  Pinocchio from Geppetto’s perspective.   This show features a mixture of  classic songs such as  I’ve Got No Strings to Hold Me Down  and When You Wish Upon A Star  with new songs  which were written by Steven Schwartz who has written  such popular musicals such  as Wicked, Pippin and Children of Eden.   My Son Pinocchio Jr is directed and choreographed by Jennifer Stover and  music directed by Kim Whitehead.

8th graders in Theatre Club were recently interviewed about their experiences  in theatre club and this very  special 10 year anniversary production.

Ben Wesenberg plays  Geppetto.  When asked about what he likes best about playing this character is ” There are a lot of moments where he states the obvious – he’s funny. There are some really lighthearted lines that I’ve enjoyed working on.”  His favorite memory about  being in theatre club has been  “5th grade I met one of my friends by jumping into her arms on stage. I wouldn’t have known her if that  hadn’t happened.”

Helen St Cyr is playing Sue , a quirky fairy in training. What St Cyr likes best about playing her character is  ” Sue is a lot of comedic relief in the show and I really like the way it’s written and I can be my own person and go anywhere I want with the character.”  St Cyr’s favorite memory of being in theatre club is being the MC in the show in 5th grade ” It was my first role when I got to speak in front of the whole audience. I think it was when I started really loving acting. it was the beginning.”

Hannah Cohen is playing Professora  Bunoagrazzo.  She enjoys playing this character because she feels it mirrors her personality. When asked about her character development process she said ” Standing in front of my mirror and practicing gestures and singing in my room.  I memorize my lines by recording all the lines that are before mine and  filling in the blank spaces.”  Cohen looks forward to developing her character and seeing the show come together.

Sean Corrigan is playing Stromboli. He chose to audition for this part because he liked the character’s comic ability.  His favorite song in the show is Bravo Stromboli because he likes the music and lyrics.   He hopes everyone who comes to see My Son Pinnochio will enjoy the show.

Katie Giannakopoulos is playing the  Blue Fairy.  What she enjoys the most about playing this character is being sassy. ” I’m not a really sassy person. So playing a different part is fun because I get to be someone else.” She continued by saying that her  favorite memory of being in theatre club was the  photo shoot for the lead characters  in Camp Rock last year because it was a lot of fun.

Bella St Laurent is playing the Ringleader.   To develop her character she watches the movie and pretends to be something she’s not.   Her favorite memory of being in theatre club is production week because  it’s a time when the cast really bonds.

Joe Guzman is playing Bernardo and  Signor Alcomo.   His method for memorizing his lines is going them over and over again and practicing them with his brother.   He is happy with how smoothly the rehearsals have been running and looks forward to putting on a good show for an audience.

Tickets are $5.00 and are on sale at  Black Forest Cafe, The Homestead and AMS.

Congratulations to the AMS Theatre Club on 10 years of wonderful productions. Here’s to many more awesome shows.

Students in the AMS Theatre Club  Front Office Staff contributed to this article.

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Once again   I am not up to speed with my reviews. 2014 has started off with 3 awesome shows. There are many more to follow

Dateline Jan 16th    I went to see the dress rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland at the Amato Center. The  Boys and Girls Club was presented with a special award before the show which was pretty neat.  I was so excited.  It was a very well deserved award.  Alice  In Wonderland was a great show! Notable performances were by Ben Lopez and Doug Pedroza  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Du,m and  Zac Barnaby  Caterpillar.  Favorite  Musical Numbers  were Paint The Roses Red and Zip A Dee Doo Dah. 

Dateline  Feb 1st :  Groovin On The Go.   I love the dance shows at the Amato Center! They add  variety to my theatre schedule. This show was  a wonderful  kaledeiscope of dances from around the world!  My favorite numbers were  King of New York,  Walk Like an Egypptian  Rose of Jericho  Shadowlands.  Great job to everyone on a fabulous show.

Saturday night  I went to see Almost Maine at Peacock Players.  I saw this show three years ago also at  Peacock Players only with their summer company.   Almost Maine is a series of short scenes about falling in love.. or depending on the situation all of love.  All stories were very touching and really pulled at the heartstrings.   (No pun intended here of course)     Three years ago my favorite scences were They Fell   Getting It Back and Story of Hope,     Story of Hope and Getting It Back  was my favorite scene this time around as well as   Seeing The Thing and This Hurts.    Notable performances were by   Jenna Enos,  Olivia Vordenberg, Mac Galinson and Trisha Mahoney.   Fantastic job to everyone in Almost Maine!



March Viewing Schedule

School House Rock Live  Junior Actorsingers   3/07

Riverbend School of Theatre Arts 1 Act Play Festival  3/12

Peter Pan  Nashua South  3/14

Grease  Pentucket Regional High School 3/15

Once Upon A Mattress SHS  3/29

The Producers   Palace Theatre 3/30    Thank you to Sally and Paul for the tickets!! :)


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