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Hello Everyone-

Welcome to  fall! Can’t believe  that September has passed by so quickly.   The past couple of weeks have been quite rough dealing with the loss of my Nana Rose.    My grandparents would have been married 60 years this past Friday September 26th.  I miss her terribly.

On the  19th   I went to see  Little Shop of Horrors at the Amato Center.  Alyssa Lederhos directed and chorepgraphed the show for her senior project.  As with most RYC shows  I was left impressed.  Little Shop is in my  list of top 10 favorite musicals.  Favorite musical numbers included  Suddenly Seymour, The  Meek Shall  Inherit and Mushnik and Son.    Congrats to the cast and crew.

I am in the midst of  a transition between choirs this year.  I am still in the choir at the YMCA but plan to leave that  once the year finishes.  I   finally joined Souhegan Valley Chorus and am so excited about being in the group!  The theme this semester for YMCA  Choir is Thankfulness  and our line up includes Thank You  For The Music from Mama Mia, Thankful by  Josh Groban and  the theme song from Golden Girls  Thank You For Being A Friend.    In SVC we are singing songs from holiday movies and the line up included Christmas Star from  Home Alone 2, Welcome Christmas from How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas from Meet Me  In St Louis and Hot Chocolate from Polar Express.   I have been kept on my toes the past couple months between Choir rehearals, being trained at the Y to  use the computer software that signs people up for classes, starting an internship at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Nashua, doing PR for local theatre groups and helping my mom promote  her new book Janine which is coming out in the spring.    This year the PTA  Play is  CATS and  I am still on the fence about auditioning because CATS is not one of my favorite shows.  If  I don’t audition  I will probably work backstage  or possibly co-produce.  Might want to try something different this year. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it though.

I had an audition  last weekend for Kiss Me Kate with Stagecoach Productions.  I didn’t get cast but  I am hoping to either work backstage or help with publicity.  My next audition is for the Holiday Show at the Amato Center and the end of next month.  I am excited about that!  :)

I promise that next time there won’t be so much of  a gap between updates!


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Fall 2014 Viewing Schedule
If anyone is going to see the same shows as me and would like to co-write a review with me for this blog or submit your own review please let me know. That would be super fun!! :0)
Note: I am unable to go see Sound of Music at Manchester Community Theater Players but would like to try to go see one of the dress rehearsals. Would anyone in the cast be willing to give me a ride?
** Backstage work *** ushering

October 11th     Milford  Pumpkin Festival Talent Show

** Passion For Dracula Milford Area Players October 17th-26th
*** Young Frankenstien Actorsingers November 8th
*** Scrooge Riverbend Youth Company November 15th
Moon Over Buffalo Milford High School November 20th

Upcoming Auditions
Kiss Me Kate Stagecoach Productions Sept 22nd    \

Today  the audition did not go as well as  I had hoped. For some reason  I choked during the song but  at least the monologue  went well.  Dance audition is on Thursday. Hope that will go well.

Holiday  One Acts at the  Amato Center    October 27th

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 Lots going  on lately 

First of  all.. non theatre related news, The job search presses on and  I seem to be stuck in  rut. Sometimes it is hard to not get discouraged. Earlier this afternoon   I had an  interview at  Nashua Center  for a receptionist position.   It went really well.  I think this would be a great place to work. I find out on  Wednesday  if  I got the position. This would be a fantastic job for me.   Nashua  Center is place  in Nashua which provides services for people with disabilities.   Keeping fingers crossed. 

Summer has been filled with job searching, vacations and  lots of theatre going.  I was on vacation for a week at the beginnning of July and then took a mini-vacation to Meredith  to see Princess K.I.M. The Musical Junior and Miss Saigon at Interlakes Summer Theatre.   I was really proud of the Junior  Intern Company at Interalkes Summer Theatre for how well they did with  Princess  K.I.M. The Musical   Junior.   Miss Saigon was certainly   a poweful  piece of musical theatre  but  I found the subject matter to be a a bit depresing.   During my vacation in Hull  I went to the American  Idol  concert in  Boston with Julie and Jen.  The concert was pretty amazing.     AS the tickets for the concert were very expensive  I have a lot of doubt  I will go to the concert  next year….or that I will even watch American Idol at all since I have generally lost interest in watching it. 


August  started off with a bang.   I  tried to organize  a  get together with the PTA  people but  due to schedules it did not work out  so  I had to cancel it.  They aren’t doing the karaoke party at Jasper Valley anymore which is kind of let down/   I’ve  really looked forward to that the past couple of years.

I have seen three shows in the past couple  weeks and they have all been fantastic.   On August 8th  I saw  Anything  Goes at the Amato Center

it was quite honestly one of the best shows I have seen there. How many shows do you see that get a standing ovation at the end of the first act? Not many I assure you. My favorite musical numbers were Blow Gabriel Blow, It’s Deloverly. Friendship and I Get A Kick Out Of You. Everyone in this company is amazing but standout performances were by  Olivia Vordenberg,  Patrick McKnight, Emily Borne and Julie Harris,. Anything Goes ran at the Amato Center from August 7-9 and was put on by the Riverbend  Youth Company Alumni  Company.   Congrats to  all class of 2014 graduates and best of luck to you all in college. 

PS The PTA did Anything Goes 30 years ago and need to consider doing it again because I think it would be such a fun show to do. Jackie and  Rita   I hope you are reading this   :) 

I would just like to say that The Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney movie of all time. I was very excited when I heard that they doing the Little Mermaid Jr at the Amato Center this summer. Everyone in this group is incredibly talented and I am proud of the whole cast crew and production team on an amazing performance! My favorite songs aside from my ultimate favorite Part of Your World were She’s In Love, Human Stuff and One Step Closer. Great job everyone and I love you all!

Sunday Matt Sonya Jen and I   went to Meredith to go  see  The Wiz at  Interlakes Summer Theatre.  I would have to say that this is probably  high on my list of favorite musicals..  The musical numbers are very up beat and fun to listen too.   My favorite songs were  Ease On Down The Road,  No Bad News and Y’All Got  It.   Stand out performances were by Naisa Thomas, Kellinn   Dicarlo,  Darius Nelson and Darius  Jordan Lee.   Congrats to  the Interlakes  Summer Theate  Intern Company  on a great season. 


My audition went well  for  Young  Frankenstien  with Actorsingers  went well. I did not get cast but  I  plan on working backstage  but  I do not know in what capacity yet.    I am also doing props for    Passion  For Dracula at the Amato Center which  I am  excited.  Also  I am joining the Souhegan Valley Chorus which I am very excited about.    Still debating  staying in YMCA Choir…  I think it might be better for my schedule  just to do  SVC.    

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  My birthday is in 9 days. Happy birthday to all fellow thespians  with  August birthdays and  also  congrats to my co-worker Meagan on her wedding this weekend.   :)

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Riverbend Youth Company to Perform Anything Goes
by Janine Leffler

The Riverbend Youth Company Alumni Troupe will set sail with their performance of Cole Porter’s classic musical Anything Goes this August at the Amato Center. The Alumni troupe consists of former members of the Riverbend Youth Company and current high school students. Anything Goes is co-directed by Patrick O’Mara and Isaiah Wilson Silvia Chandley, music direction by Karina Bertrand and choreography by Silvia Chandley. The co-directors are home from college for the summer and have decided to join their talents to put on this alumni production. When asked why he and O’Mara and selected Anything Goes for this year’s Alumni Show, Silvia Chandley said, ” I think the show highlights so many important qualities of theater and is able to highlight the talents of our theater program at the Amato Center. Silvia Chandley continued by saying, “My favorite dance number in the show is the title number Anything Goes. This number is a full company tap number, which is rare to see in community theater. The cast is able to share the stage and create moments while performing alongside one another. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it’s classic and true Broadway.”

Olivia Vordenberg, a recent graduate of Souhegan High School is playing Reno Sweeney. When asked what she likes best about playing her character she said, “She has it all…confidence, money, fame. All that she doesn’t have is love. And through the course of this show she finds it, and it takes her by surprise.” Vordenberg continued by saying ” I like the song “I Get a Kick Out of You” because of the musicality and sweetness of it.” Vordenberg heads off to Pace University in New York City this fall to study acting and the thing she will miss the most about doing shows at the Amato Center is the sense of family. “With the support from the Boys and Girls Club, anyone can be who they wish to be, and it is an incredible gift.”

Fellow Souhegan Graduate Jennifer Brisebois shared similar sentiments about moving on from the Amato Center. ” A bittersweet part about working on this show is working with Isaiah as choreographer. He is one of my best friends and this will be the last Riverbend show we do together before heading our separate ways.” Brisebois plays an Angel in Anything Goes and enjoys playing this role because of the different dance styles that the other angels bring to the table. She heads off to University of Connecticut this fall. Her favorite memory of doing shows at the Amato Center is directing her all dance production Groovin On The Go this past winter. ” It was great to see my own vision come to life! My favorite numbers were Rose of Jericho and Around The World.”

Emma Ayotte returns to the Amato Center this summer after finishing her first year at the Young Americans School for Performing Arts in California. To her what sets the alumni shows apart from the other shows is the passion and energy you see on the stage. “My character is a Broadway Showgirl and I have never played that kind of role before. The dancing is awesome and Julie and Mickey did a great job designing the costumes.”

Anything Goes will be performed by the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni at the Amato Center for the Performing Arts in Milford, NH August 7th, 8th and 9th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and seniors. Anchors away for an amazing show!

This article will be published in the Cabinet, Citizen and Amherst Patch

Anything Goes Cast Member Profile
Liam Conway

Liam Conway is a sophomore at Souhegan High School where he recently appeared in Our Town and Once Upon A Mattress. He makes his Riverbend Youth Company debut in Anything Goes as Elisha Whitney. For Conway what sets the alumni productions apart from other shows is that they flesh out the character. Conway’s favorite scene in the play is the final scene where he shows up at the wedding blind after losing his glasses and yells at someone who he thinks is Billy. His favorite song from the show is Bon Voyage because all the bass singers have a very prominent role.

Anything Goes Cast Member Profile
Jenn Brisebois

Jenn Brisebois is a recent graduate of Souhegan High School. She commented on the alumni shows, “The quality of the shows is much better than other shows throughout the year because we have all gone through the ranks of doing shows at the club and also have lots of outside of experience in music, dance and theatre.” In Anything Goes Brisebois is playing one of the Angels and she feels that the interesting thing about playing her character is seeing the different dance styles that all the Angels bring to the table. Her favorite song is Let’s Step Out because it is jazzy and catchy. Anything Goes is a bittersweet show for Brisebois because it is her last time working with the family of Riverbend performers including her best friend Isaiah Silvia Chandlery, before she goes off to UConn in the Fall. Brisebois’s favorite memory of doing shows for the Amato Center was directing her all dance production Groovin On The Go.

Anything Goes Cast Member Profile
Deveraux Merchant

Devereaux Merchant is an incoming sophomore at Emerson College where she is studying Education with an acting focus. What Merchant likes best about the alumni shows is that everyone comes back and it is great to be reunited with everyone after being away at school. The thing that sets Anything Goes apart from last year’s production of Cinderella is the dancing. “There is a lot of tap dancing in this show and Cinderella was a lot more acting heavy.” Merchant is playing Mrs. Harcourt and her favorite scene is the opening scene. “My character is an old lady who wants the best for her daughter.” When asked what she looked forward to about the performances she responded, “The curtain call because of the audience feedback.”

Anything Goes Cast Member Profile
Patrick McKnight

Patrick McKnight is a 2013 graduate of Souhegan High School and currently attends Eckerd College in St Petersburg Florida where he will be a sophomore this fall. Patrick feels what sets this production apart is that all cast members have done shows before. When asked why he auditioned for Anything Goes McKnight said “I have seen the show before but have never been in it and also have never tap danced before.” McKnight plays Lord Evelyn Oakleigh and enjoys the comic relief that his character provides. His favorite song in the show is Blow Gabriel Blow because it is a huge choral number where everyone sings together. McKnight can’t wait to see how everything comes together onstage.

Anything Goes Cast Member Profile
Olivia Vordenberg

Olivia Vordenberg is a recent graduate of Souhegan High School. When asked what she likes best about her character, Reno Sweeney, Vordenberg said, “She has it all…confidence, money, fame. All that she doesn’t have is love, and through the course of this show she finds it, and it takes her by surprise.” Vordenberg’s favorite song is I Get A Kick Of You because of it’s musicality and sweetness.
As Vordenberg prepares to head off in the fall to Pace University to study acting she says the thing she will miss most about doing shows at the Amato Center is the sense of family. “With the support from the Boys and Girls Club, anyone can be who they wish to be, and it is an incredible gift.”

These profiles will be posted on the Facebook Page for Riverbend Youth Company!

Have a great opening cast! Can’t wait to see the show on Friday night!

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Friday night I went to the senior cabaret at Peacock Players. This was a salute to all the seniors who are graduating high school and it was a wonderful way to send them off. They had some slide show presenations and a scholarship award for the Jared Nathan Memorial Scholarship. I got emotional a few times.. once during the presentation of the scholarship because I knew Jared and he was truly an inspirational person. I am so glad the scholarship is given out every year and feel it represents what he stood for very well. Trisha Mahoney and Joe Reault got the award. There was a great variety of songs performed that night including Someone Else’s Story from Chess, Leavin’s Not The Only Way To Go from Big River, Fly Away (Never Never Land) from Dreaming Wide Awake, A Way Back To Then from Title of Show and Astonishing from Little Women. I think I will probably be buying a lot of these songs on itunes!! :)

My co star from the PTA play Olivia Vordenberg has been involved in Peacock Playeres for a couple of years. I think out of all the people who graduated from the PTA play group I am probably going to miss her the most. I am really so happy to have gotten to know her through working on the plays. She is an amazing person and I know she will do great things after high school.

Congrats to all Peacock Players, Riverbend Youth Company and PTA seniors. Seize the day class of 2014.

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Summer has arrived.. still missing my PTA crew but looking forward to the karaoke party at Jasper Valley in August. I am sort of bummed because I found out about a month ago that they couldn’t get the rights to Beauty and The Beast so next year’s PTA play is going to be CATS. I think no matter what the show should be very fun to work on. So yes… let’s get jellicle. :)

Also congratulations to all the PTA seniors who graduated last night. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to know all of you in the past couple years and will miss working with you a great deal. Congrats class of 2014.

I ultimately decided not to audition for Sound of Music in Manchester because of distance. I will definitley go to see the show though. In between now and auditions I will be working backstage for the Riverbend Youth Company Alumni production of Anything Goes at the beginning of August. I am looking forward to trying something new this year and assistant stage managing. Right now I am deciding between auditioning for Young Frakentstien with Actorsingers and Kiss Me Kate with Stagecoach Productions. I am pretty used to auditioning for both of these companies by now so I know what to expect. Hopefully my luck will change this time around. I am also going to audition for the Holiday Show at the Amato Center. They are doing one act plays this year and that should be lot of fun. :)

My choir concerts for the YMCA Chorus are coming up on June 23rd and June 29th.   I do hope people will come.   We have a wonderful line up of Broadway tunes.    I have included a link below to   our poster which has all the information about showtimes and locations.

I think the biggest challenge with promoting the Y  choir  is the fact that  Music and Art classes are not the first thing people think about when they think about the YMCA. When people sign up for classes they don’t immediately think  “Oh  hey,   I’m going to  join  choir or take voice lessons.”  The thing  most people associate with the YMCA is fitness.   This is why we seem to be running into issues with getting people to join the chorus.  Currently our choir  has 8 members and we are hoping to get more people to join for the fall semester that starts in September.   I think that being in this choir has really helped me to grow as a performer but at this point  I am ready to be part of a bigger performing group and sing more challenging songs.  This fall   I am planning to join the Souhegan Valley Chorus and  I am pretty excited.  For awhile  I will attempt to do  both choirs but if my schedule  ends up getting too confusing with too many overlapping rehearsals and performances   I may just stick with SVC.



Happy summer friends!!

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 2 show weekends.  Both shows end their runs today and they were fantastic. 

Friday night  I took my mom to see Smile at the Amato Center for a Mother’s Day present.  I make it a goal to try to introduce myself to a new show and I was happy that I chose this one.  This is set in 1985  at   the Young American Miss Beauty Pageant in Santa Rosa California.     What was great about this show is that it’s not very well known and not really done a lot by other theaters so it was a welcome change of pace for me then seeing a show that is done more frequently such as Grease,Chicago or Annie.   This show was a great mix of  funny and touching moments.  Standout performances were by  Alyssa Lederhos, Max Barnaby,  John Sheridan, Meghan McKnight and Nicole  Sprague. Congrats to cast crew and production team on a wonderful show!! 

Smile ran at the Amato Center May 8th-11th and was directed by Elizabeth Moore, music directed by Brian Moore and choreographed  by  Liz Calabria. 

Last night I saw Music Man at Actorsingers with Sonya and Matt.  I had to refrain from making too many comparisons to the production  I was in  with the Amherst PTA   3 years ago.   Like most  Actorsigers shows this  cast  was comprised of a diverse group of talented people.  Aside from the   Quartet and the Pickalittle Ladies  standouts were  Cayden  Plummer as Winthrop Paroo,  Andrew Holland as Tommy Diljas, Katie Tocci as Zaneeta Shinn.  My favorite musical numbers are Shipoopi. Til There Was You, Goodnight My Someone, Gary Indiana  and  My White  Knight.    The chase scene at the end of the play always seems to strike me as  a very emotional scene because  it is when  the realization comes to light for everyone in the audience that Marain and Harold are in love with each other.   

Great job to everyone in  Music Man on  a wonderful production.

Music Man  ran at Keefe Auditiorium at Elm Street Junior High School in Nashua from May 9th-11th  and was directed by  Kathy Lovering, music directed by  Jed Holland and  choreographed by Martha Daniels Holland. 


Still searching for song suggestions for my fall auditions.  I have more time to prepare then  I thought because  all the auditions are in August and September.  I have a feeling some auditions may overlap.  Sound of Music auditions  have not been announced yet but are at the end of August.  Young Frankenstien auditions are August 10th and Kiss Me Kate auditions   are sometime in early September.  Most likely I am going to audition for  ensemble for Kiss Me Kate and Young Frakentstien.   I am an alto but can  sing some  soprano parts. Thanks Friends! 


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